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 Human Ability Application: Jūryoku Rirīsu[Major WIP]

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PostSubject: Human Ability Application: Jūryoku Rirīsu[Major WIP]   Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:10 pm

Ascended Human Ability Application

  • Awakened Name: Jūryoku Rirīsu[Meaning Gravity Release]

  • Ascended Name: Shin no Kami no Hatsubai[Meaning The True God's Release]

  • Ascended

  • Earth(Gravity)

Racial Influence:
  • Shinigami

  • None

  • In the Initial Release of Gio’s ability nothing really changes about his appearance. Since this phase is always activated there is no appearance of it being activated. The ability will only seem active when the ability is put to work.

  • Giotto’s initial release is fairly simply to control and use. Now, this stage of the ability is fairly unstable. He can launch balls of gravity from his fist or legs to throw people back or pull them close to him. The ability to pull and push people away is a very unstable power, because he could not use enough Spiritual Energy and blow someone only a few inches back or he could use too much and cause a rebound on himself. The ability can be controlled by either extreme anger or a state of meditation to unlock full use of his brain. The ability’s medium revolves around the brain to control the gravity around him, which in turn creates huge stress upon the brain. If he unlocks full-use of his brain that danger increases about twice the amount of stress. Once, the brain is fully unlocked the improved version of the ability is unleashed as well. The push and pulling parts of the ability are slightly stabilized to the point of only rebounding if the opponent is to far away. The most important ability though is the ability to control the gravity with in a six-foot circle around Giotto, but if this route is taken this will require the full focus of the brain, which means Gio will no longer be able to push or pull people away or towards him. The ability to manipulate the gravity within that circle will increase the stress on the brain by three times as much. Thus, he will reach his peak and the ability will focus itself to deactivate, which will result in Gio bleeding from his eye, nose, and mouth until the stress is eased away over set amount of time.

    Now, Giotto keeps his ability activated at all time but if he is pushed over the limit of his brain the ability will be forced to deactivate causing him to pass out and it will stay deactivated until the stress on his brain is eased over time.

  • The rebound of the ability occurs when some that weights more then Gio is either trying to be pulled toward or pushed away form him. The rebound will basically explode with a rather large force to both him and hte person he is trying to use the gravity on.

  • The brain unlocking can be done and simply not resealed afterward. This will prove Gio with his whole brain to use for thinking and such instead of only half of it.

  • The Major Drawback of Shuttting down the ability if overused... If the six ft. gravity manipulation circle is in use he can not use bursts of gravity to push or pull the person towards or away from him. Thus, he would have to fight hand-to-hand to actually cause damage. The shutting down of the ability happens after five of Gio posts with that Circle activated. The shut down length will the rest of that topic, which he will still be bleeding fromteh eyes and nose fromteh huge strain on the brain. Also, the he will remain drained of most of his Spiritual energy to the point of not finishing a fight or simply passing out after use.

Ascended Activation Phrase:
  • Awaken, God's True Power!

Ascended Appearance:
  • Upon the activation Phrase being spoken, the earth around Gio in a six foot circle with instantly be crushed down by a sudden explosion of Gravity. This gravity will not crush anyone within that circle. The effects will be felt and most likely cause the opponent to leave the circle to prevent further exposure.

    The actual appearance change to Gio is rather drastic. The explosion of Spiritual Energy and the release of the Gravity around him will briefly hide his body from sight. In that split second time, a few changes will happen to his body. The normal black as night hair will instantly be solid white as what seems like Spiritual Energy will be floating off of him like steam. The steam-like energy will be steaming off his whole body. The clothes he wears will be reduced to nothing and rebuilt to form an old army uniform with its army jacket open revealing his built upper body. The last thing is his eyes will be drained of all color, even the pupil, and become fully white with that same Spiritual energy steam coming off of the corners of it.

Ascended Ability:



Duration/Post Usage:
Preparation Posts:
Cool Down:
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Human Ability Application: Jūryoku Rirīsu[Major WIP]
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