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 piercing dark training

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PostSubject: piercing dark training   Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:07 am

Akuma was sitting alone in his room, meditating on his bed. His sealed zanpokuto was resting across his knees. A grinding sound came out of nowhere, and it drilled into his thoughts. Akuma looked about to yell when an idea came into his head. A a powerful thing. He grinned insanely then got very sullen, meditating again. "lead me into the dark..." he said. His zanpokuto revealed its inner world to him, encasing him in the darkness of nature. Once there he continued to meditate. A pictured a drill and pictured how it spun and did its damage. Akuma stood up and held his zanpokuto out in front of him. He spoke. "unite (yunaito)." His blade took its shikai appearance as it molded into two sides. He grinned and got ready for the actual practice.

Akuma had his blade spin in its propeller motion. But that didnt work, and wouldnt he knew it wouldnt. So he tried something else. He pointed the blade forward and it wouldnt spin. His arm felt funny and it started to vibrate. Without warning his arm started to turn and he wasnt, and it wouldnt stop. Akuma yelled in pain and jumped in the air. He started to spin, with his blade as a tip. He used his reaitsu to keep his body from breaking off at the arm, and it eminated from his body. He spun faster and started to move forewrd at a high speed. He formed a large drill of dark reaitsu. When he stopped spinning he landed on his feet. Immediately he bent over and dry heaved, the dizziness causing nausea. Akuma stood up and did it again.

The blade stopped and Akuma fell to his knees. Getting dizzy again he fell over onto his hands and bile fell to the floor of the inner world. It immediately dissipated into nothingness. Akuma sat back onto his butt and held the blade on his shoulders. "what to do what to do..." his introvert siide spoke. "Just fucking do it! no pain no gain you jackass!" his extrovert side spoke. They seemed to argue back and forth. "there has to be a way to get this done without such hassle..." "yes and thats get off your ass and get it done." Akuma sighed and rested his face in his palm. He wasnt getting any where arguing with himself. He stood up and swung the blade out in front of him and started to funnel his dark reaitsu into it and was about to try again.

Akuma started spin again and he stood up, staying horizontal to the blade, looking straight out. As he spun he watched the whole are spin rapidly around and around, even being in his inner world the slight difference in shade caused nausea that was so unbearable but he fought it. HE couldnt last long and he threw up again WHILE spinning. His bile and stomach acid flying out in all directions as he spun rapidly, moving in an arc across the air. Akuma aimed the blade down and it rammed into the ground, drilling down a bit before stopping. When it stopped akuma fell to the ground, still holding onto the hilt of his sword. Akuma was gasping for air as his throat burned and his head spinned. He was getting closer.

Akuma stood up and almost fell over. He pulled his blade out of the ground and started funneling his reaitsu again. He noticed at the tip of the blade seemed to release some of the energy. Akuma got out of the small hole and it reformed back into a flat space. He started to spin again this time allowing his body to be pulled and rotate. He looked up at the tip of the blade and focused. Akuma watched the tip of the blade and realized seeing the blade not move *due to the fact he was moving with it* caused him to be not as dizzying. He was still able to see and focus what was going on around him. Akuma turned and moved through the air with better accuracy and stability. He didnt get sick and the reaitsu cover his body and formed somewhat of a shield. He aimed down and curved up just before he hit the ground, grinding against it and digging into the ground leaving a large and long drag mark ground out of the floor. Akuma stopped spinning and as the reaitsu dissipated he was standing straight and grinning like a madmen. "there we go...hehehe."

Now that Akuma had got the hang of it inside his zanpokuto`s inner world he had to try it out in the regular world. He closed his eyes and rematerialized back into his room. He looked around and nothing was touched. Just the way he liked it. He preferred to stay mysterious and keep people on their toes. He got up and got lightheaded. He held his head for a few seconds and the nausea went away. Akuma picked up his zanpokuto which is now in its shikai form. He opened his door, not making a sound as he walked out of his room and closed the door. On the outside of the door was a black symbol showing it was his room. He looked at the symbol then turned away, his introvert personality surfacing. Akuma slowly walked down the hall and passed all the empty rooms. He passed the kitchen, then the captain`s quarters, coming up onto the training room. Once inside he started to generate his reaitsu and pointed the blade forward. There were three dummies in a row. Akuma started to spin and shot forward. When he got close to the first dummy he went around it, zigzagging around the three dummies. When he reached the last he arced out, truned around, and shot straight through the torso of each of the dummies, tearing a large hole into each one of them. He stopped and stood there, his head down, grinning with pride.
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PostSubject: Re: piercing dark training   Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:59 pm


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piercing dark training
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