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 Kaizer The Bount of Death

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PostSubject: Kaizer The Bount of Death   Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:24 am

Name: Kaizer

Race: Bount

Age: 19(Visual) 250(Real)

Gender: Male
Rank: Legendary Bountou
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150lbs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Like Kai From Beyblade
Introvert/Extrovert: introvert
Hobbies: He Loves to dissect.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Death, Blood, Science, Smoking, Alchohol.
Dislikes: Kindness,Foolishness,People with power, Recklessness, and hates people who decide to challenge his ideals.

Personality: Kai's Personality is different then many of the bount's unlike them Kai has complete control over his human emotions and how his human life and needs can be sustained. He can be hot headed at times and can be calm and cool at hard moments of a fight or arguement. He has a high IQ since he was made within the lab. He also has many happy thoughts crossing his mind, But he can be a cold hearted torturer if he must. He can only be controlled by a few selected amount of people. Kai beleives in legends and myths and is highly superstitious.

Appearance: Kai stands at 5 foot 6 and wears a Purple tanktop.He also wears solid and Visible wrist guards around his forearms.He has across his cheeks Blue marking that signify his animalistic nature at times. His eyes are yellow and golden same as the sun to him. His attire is quite unique and was even made personally by kai himself. he wears grey pants with various pockets and zippers.

Defining Characteristics: His love to Gain more knowledge through dissecting the bodies of the dead who intrigues him.
Specialties: Cook,Sew,Dissect,Highly knowledgable.

History: Kai was Unique to all other bounto's unlike them he was not born within the soul society but within the human world and by humans as well. At one point in time a corpse of a dead bount was found he was not recognizable, But they extracted his DNA and placed it in a child. This child was isolated from the world and trained to be a Secret weapon for the military. After 17 years of training Kai was surpressed and taught by the most highly skilled people the world had to offer, he was now ready to be tested. During the test Kai had defeated 100 Normal men by himself without breaking a sweat. He began having visions later on when he was 18 and this lead to him attempting to break out.

The break out was successful. As he kept running from the military he had no choice but to fend for himself, Descriminated by others for his constant abilities. At this point Kai had no idea showing his abilities could cause him problems, But until he was met with by a Bount. The Bounto had gave him advice and sensed he was a bount. Instantly without hesitation the man said he would train him for 1 full year. He had accepted. After many Years had passed Kai was now 250 and he had obtained a Doll and the abilities to use it. He had now joined the Bounto alliances and began his journey of life.

RP sample:
Kai had appeared in a mystical like area within the mansion of the Bounto's, he had an uneasy feeling about walking down the pitch black corridors at night, but it was not long until Kai had felt comfortable being within the castle with strangers he had not even met with or known about till tonight. He walked along following a shadow of a man who had taken him in as his student. The Man was narcotic and kept his face hidden from view as he kept walking and walking slowly down the Narrow and endless Halls. The spiritual pressure of the area was enough to make even Kai fall to his knee's. "Argh..." ,Said Kai as he stood up yet again and fell behind. he ran up to the man again as he began to look around yet again. Pictures were put up of many bount's that were considered legendary.

Then instantly without a worry in the world Kai had walked up to a room that had felt weird with dark and light aura. This was a room made specifically for him. he felt the powers of the room glow. The man openesd the large chestnut made door revealing a beautiful room filled with many pictures and portrayts of the bounto leaders. This was the room of many former leaders and elites of the bounto's. Kai had a new dream and this was to become a elite and Legend among bounto's and to be remembered. He was going to be come a Legendary bounto.
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Kaizer The Bount of Death
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