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 Kami Tsuru- Yusutasu's zanpakuto

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Yusutasu Modomo

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PostSubject: Kami Tsuru- Yusutasu's zanpakuto   Thu Nov 25, 2010 4:56 pm


Zanpakuto Name: Kami Tsuru

Level: Bankai

Family: Darkness


Inner World:

Sealed Zanpakuto:


Release Phrase: Mezameru Za Shishi

Shikai Appearance: The zanpakuto's blade changes in to dark matter, it's handle gains a chain and black happy face markings on it. (like trafalgar's smilie face, srry i couldn't find a pic of the sword)

Shikai Ability: Now that the zanpakuto's blade is dark matter, the user may manipulate the matter to make it extend or retract, change shape and generally control it as long as the matter is still conected to the handle. The user may shoot blasts of dark matter but will hav to refuel his/her zanpakuto with a small amount of reiatsu to take it up to it's original capacity.


Bankai Name: Kami Taikan

Bankai Release Phrase: Se Watashi Dengen Chisei

Bankai Appearance: Yusutasu's appearence changes in a high manner. First his hair from red changes to pitch black with crimson highlights in different points that makes it look like rising flames or red aura. His cloth changes in to a long black robe that is torn at the bottom, very similiar to that of Ichigo Kurosaki's but along the sleeves you will find the same markings as his zanpakuto's handle in red. His eyes gain a rising black like aura coming out from the bottom of there iris and his pupil goes red, the outside of his eyes where there is sopposed to be white goes crimson red. His large smile turns in to a small evil smirk, much like Aizens.

Bankai Ability: His entire zanpakuto turns in to dark matter, with out a handle Yusutasu freely controls the darkness. The dark matter may go under ground or spread all over and maneuver, the user may make this dark matter absorb what ever it touches or work as a portal for them to go some where else. The amount of the dark matter is high, as the user can freely make the amount increase and form a sea of darkness if wanted. Yusutasu may see everything near his darkness while also seeing threw his eyes so this makes sure he has no blind spots and can keep his oponent in his sight. The darkness may also take a solid form and take the appearence of anything the user wishes. Other then this, Yusutasu may become dark matter. Joining all of the matter around him, reiatsu and physical attacks would be completely inefective as he would just abosrb it while also keeping the ability to manipulate the dark matter.


Name: Tetsuga
Level: shikai - bankai
Types: offensive
Effect: The user shoots or throws dark matter at an enemy to deal large damage or cut them in half or blow them back, the dark matter may also be used to absorb different things like reiatsu or a human body or another zanpakuto in bankai state.

Range: short - long
Duration/Post Usage: 1
Preparation Posts: 0
Cool Down: 0

Name: Yami Kakusan
Level: Bankai
Types: all around
Effect: The user simply spreads out his darkness all over the battle field at any amount he/she wishes, with this dark matter he/she may absorb reiatsu, bodys and other things. There is no way of blowing this away or destroying it as it can eat or absorb any other type of matter, even light.

Range: extremely long
Duration: Until bankai is over
Preparation Posts: 0
Cool down: 0

Name: Yami Buki
Level: Banaki
Types: Offensive
effect: The user with his/her darkness will form weapons with the darkness, the size and shape varies as the user may make microscopic blades in the darkness to damage the victim on a microsopic or make multiiple large head cleaver swords to swirl arund the victim for a larger hit.

Range: Same as Yami Kakusan
Duration: as long as wanted
Preparation: 0
Cooldown: 0

Name: Yami Kyushu-suru
Level: Shikai - Bankai
Types: all around
Effect: the user, using his/her dark matter absorbs any other matter that the darkness touches with ease and in a matter of seconds, this power is increased in bankai to make the absorbing even faster.

Range: As long as users darkness reaches
Duration: as long as wanted
Preparation: 0
Cooldown: 0

Last edited by Yusutasu Modomo on Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:32 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Kutsū Hōyō


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PostSubject: Re: Kami Tsuru- Yusutasu's zanpakuto   Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:00 pm


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Kami Tsuru- Yusutasu's zanpakuto
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