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 walk in the Sixth Division

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PostSubject: walk in the Sixth Division   Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:32 pm

kakesu opened the doors and walked into the room. he fount himself looking down on the member of the Sixth Division eating and having a chat with there friends , kakesu had just came for a walk about, as his Division had gone out training in there teams . and kakesu had a free time so he wanted to catch up with an old friend in this Division . all the captains where not ememys but not friends but kakesu was friends with the captain of the Sixth Division, and just came for a chat and a drink
, all the member looked up and bowed kakesu was a friendly captain most of the time anyway and he knew most of them where as kakesu made friends easy and fast so most of them said "hi kakesu how come your here" kakesu said ! i'm just here to talk to Kutsū" they said "sorry he is not in but he will be back soon " kakesu was pissed off they had not seen each over in over 1 year and when he had some free time to came over and he was not even there.

kakesu started talking the the member of the Sixth Division asking how hting where going and stuff like that we was waited for about an hour and he still did not come , kakesu had to go out training so he felt a message for Kutsū saying come over to the 8th Division when ever you want you are welcome to come for dinner and have a drink

.kakesu got up and started to walk away he said good bye and opened the doors he was going for some training and then back to his Division for him and every one in his Division to have some thing to eat , kakesu thought to him self what a wast of time the main person he went there to talk to was not even there but it was nice to talk to some of his friends [exit]

[ talked alot of shit i was bored ]
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walk in the Sixth Division
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