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Yusutasu Modomo

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PostSubject: Yusutasu Modomo    Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:56 pm


Name: Yusutasu Modomo
Nickname(s): Kid
Age: 492
Visual Age: 27

Gender: Male
Division: 2
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 6' 4
Weight: 194

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Nnoitra's pretty much

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Yelling, Fighting, Training, Gloating
Likes and Dislikes:

* The fire in Battles
* Bloodshed
* Yelling
* Gloating
* Drinking

* Cocky Oponents
* Weaklings
* Paperwork

Personality: Yusutasu is notorious for causing huge amounts of civilian casualties. He is generally either angry or making sarcastic jokes. When he feels that he's been insulted, he is quick to resort to violence, attacking a noble for staring at him. He is quite sensitive to being mocked, insulted or glanced at. He also seems to be cruel even when not provoked. Despite his violent nature, he knows how to restrain himself when in a tight situation. He has gotten his nickname of "kid" from the occacional tantrums he tends to throw when not pleased.

Yusutasu when entering his Bankai state his persona drastically changes. From a loud, bad tempered fighter his personality becomes that of a calm confident master. Now his personality slightly resembles Byauya Kuchiki's. His large smile goes down in to a small smirk that appears to be like Aizens and ocacionally in to a serious frown like Byakuya. His voice is tranquil and low, even though now he is much more mature he may obtain the characteristic of being arrogant and eregant when in his bankai.

Defining Characteristics: Large googles on his head, no eye brows, large smile much like jokers.
Specialties: coach for training, guard, percrasination.

Human Arc: Yusutasu Modomo was born on November second, almost five-hundred years ago. He lived in the growing city of New York where he attended to school and ocacionally worked at his fathers shop. His mother's name was Harmony and his father's, Bryan. They lived in a pretty good neighborhood in new york city, in a fairly large brick house and glass windows and doors. One day he had just gotten out of his university and headed to his father's shop to earn some money. It was a nice bright day, a pleasent breeze was passing through that side of new york and the people were liking it. On the way, Yusutasu saw some one that he hates and that person also hates him. He starred at him and his friends and he looked at him, sticking out his index finger and immitating gun shots. Yusutasu decided to continue his walk towards his fathers house, sticking hos middle finger at the group. In a matter of minutes he had arrived, his dad's store was named "The Modomo Business" being large it was a regular business, having a farmacy area, a pet shop, a workshop and a technology area. His father sent him to clean up the pet shop area and give the animals food or clean out there cages. While he was cleaning a low cyan colored car of the gangster style passed nfront of the shop quickly shooting, it was a drive by and Yusutasu's enemie was shooting. He threw himself on to the floor but a bullet hit his lower torso while he fell, puncturing his stomach and a kidney. Gass also fell sinve they were hit by the bullet. His father ran to the area to see what was the comotion and he noticed his son on the ground and a large shard of glass about to stab his head, he ran towards his son to save him but he was hit by a bullet and killed. As he fell to the ground, Yusutasu yelled "father!". Stretching his hand at him he lost sight and the shard stabbed the back of his head, killing him.

Spirit Arc: After his and his fathers tragic death, all of his family came together at his home and spoke about the incident. Some wanted the man to be arrested but others just said that they should let it go becuase god only lets people die when the time is right but they couldn't seem to agree, his mother came in crying and said that she will have a memorial for her son and husband. They watched them both at their surveilence place for several days, his mother put some of his posessions in his casket and in between those, his goggles were there. The day of there funeral, there was plenty of people crying but most of all, there were plenty flower pettles flying around. Soon Yusutasu was buried, once he was calm and alone in his tomb his soul escaped his dead body, he looked around and wondered how this was happening as he was dead and then noticed he was a spirit. In his spirit form he had a cool black jacket, jeans and his goggles. Walking around the city in his spirit form he admired the living people, doing several fun things he had always wanted to do like go in to the girls locker room or a stripping bar. Things were good until he began to feel wierd, he put on his goggles and with them on he could apparently see reiatsu, there was a large stream or mist of reiatsu flowing on the ground coming from behind him so he turned around and saw a large monster about half a mile away. He ran away from it with fear, just phasing threw any one or thing he would run in to but the monster took chase after him and destroyed some buildings it hit and crushed a few cars. During the race he passed by his enemie, the one who killed him and stared at him as he continued to run. The monster stopped for a moment infront of his enemie, it was the amount of sins he had inside that drew the monster to him. The monster ate the man but instead of his soul going in to the monster, the doors of hell opened and the soul was taken through them. This was comupets at it's finest but he couldn't stay there so he continued to run and the monster on his tail. He ran in to an alley and it ended up being a dead end, being trapped he thought he was going to be eaten but before the monster could make contact with him, it was cut in half by a spiritul man with a black robe and a long sword. He looked at him with thanks as he asked what was taht monster and the man answered that it was a hollow. Yusutasu scratched his head as he asked what exactly was a hollow and where do they come from, the man answered taht he asked to many question. He flipped his sword around so the butt of it's handle was facing Yusutasu and said, remember this: I am a shinigami. Touching his forhead with his swords butt, he warped.

Shinigami Arc: After the shinigami touched his forhead with the butt of his sword, Yusutasu was warped from the human world in to the soul society. A flash of light and a high pitch noise took him and once he recovered he was in the rukongai par of the soul society and specifically in section 307. Once he came to his senses things were already tuff, some spirits ran after him with bats and home made cheap metal swords. He ran as fast as he could through the section and in to another, throwing things back and on to the floor to take out or make the spirits fall. It was pretty much chaos becuase the farther he ran the more people joined in chase of him. Yusutasu was begining to get tired of running when they were in section 243 and there were a well amount of atleast 80 spirits chasing him, he decided not to run any more. Grabing a metal pipe or tube he found on the floor and swong it wildly in hope of hitting some one and he did, he looked wide as it had worked so he continued to swing but he accidentally hit the only shop for 14 sections and broke it making the top cave in and destroy all of it's materials. This brought every one in a 14 section radius join in the chase. Yusutasu wasn't stupid and continued to run with more then 170 people behind him. They were well in section 73 were Yusutasu just couldn't run any more and more people had joined in the chase, he thought they were all going to beat him up and kill him permanently but before tehy could make any contact the shinigami taht had warped him in to the soul society appeared blocking all of them and sent them back to their destricts. He decided to take Yusutasu in to the soul societie's shinigami academy since he would most likely get killed in the rukongai. About a year passed and he exceled in everything he would get in the academy and was let out, being placed in the second squad. He went to it's barracks not knowing who was teh captain but once he arrived it was the shinigami taht had saved him in the rukongai and brought him to the soul society, it was a serious coincidence and blind luck that this happened but Yusutasu didn't complain he was happy bout these results. During this time h trained with his captain and was sent to look for his spirit inside of his zanpakuto, he soon obtains his shikai this way.

Captain Arc: Yusutasu has been on the second squade for several years now and is now the third seat member, he trained every day medatating outside in search of his bankai and other abilities. One day the soul society was attacked by a large group of arrancars, in them there were fifth-teen regular arrancars, seven fraccion level arrancars and 4 privaron espada. They reaked havoc upon the rukongai and soul society, all squads were sent to eliminate them but they were having high troubles. Yusutasu was helping his squad to eliminate three arrancars and a privaron espada, they were having trouble with defeating them and the squad members were falling. The squad captain was fighting the privaron espada and having extreme trouble with him, he could possibly die. Yusutasu using his shikai was helping to kill the arrancars but then he saw his captain in a tight spot, he suddenly went in to a dark trance and he saw his zanpakuto's spirit. It asked if he wanted to save his captain, Yustasu answered yes and the spirit said i may give u the ability of the bankai but you will have to prove himself. The spirit gained it's sword and they engaged in battle, they fought for a while and the zanpakuto was being pushed back but Yusutasu was fairly damaged, it wa sthe finally clash and both of them used tetsuga. Yusutasu's tetsuga passed the zanpakuto's and there the battle finished. The zanpakuto nodded as he touched Yusutasu and granted him more power. Yusutasu came back to reality and his captain was close to death, he raised his zanpakuto and charged up all of his reiatsu and yelled out his bankai phrase and activated it. He fought the privaron espada and killed it. Shortly after they took his captain to the fourth squad barracks but during his treatment he died. The central 46 decided to assign Yusutasu as the next captain for his demonstration of pure power and skill when fighting the arrancars.

Role-play Sample: one of my longest single post in a naruto rpg, training

Sesaro was out in the forest that divided the Mist village with other villages. He was just taking a nice stroll threw the forest admiring the scenary, as he walked he would mark tree's just in case he would get lost in the forest. He continued his walk looking at the cute little animals that would pass by and the spiders eating other bugs, having that in mind made Sesaro feel ill and wrong. Sesaro was feeling weak becuase of those thoughts so he walked farther in to the forest looking for some where to stop and regroup, he eventually got tired of walking and decided to climb a tree and lie on a branch so that's what he did. As he lied on a large branch he said "days like these are nice becuase they are calm, quiet & beautiful" he said happily. As he relaxed on the branch he would swat flies that would pass by. In a few minutes Sesaro got hungry "hmm ........ this place has lots of animals, no one will mind if I act as a pocher for a meal would they? of course not this forest isn't even territory of any of the villages, it's kind of like a division". After thinking it over Sesaro jumped off the tree branch and landed on one fist and both legs with style. He slowly walked threw the forest very stealthy looking for some thing to kill and eat like a pig or a bear, while searching Sesaro heard the splashing rush of a stream and he said "hmm well I havn't eaten fish for a while so i'll eat a few trouts or something....". Sesaro follows the sound of the stream and eventually arrives at the stream of water. The river was pretty big with small boulders in the water, he walked to the edge of the river and brought out a kunai and held it in his right hand which was his throwing hand. He waited there for a few minutes and then he sees traveling down stream a school of fish and the best part of the school was that all of the fish were pretty large, this happiness and very convinient moment over filled Sesaro with joy as he said "well looks like papa's going to have a very, very, VERY! large fiest ha ha ha". Sesaro tiied a string to the kunai and then rapidly threw the kunai at the fish, stabbing each fish one by one and reeling them back in for Sesaro to eat once he was done. About 25 minutes passed and Sesaro had caught twenty eight big fish; that each time he had caught one he would put them in side a large sack made out of tree bark, flower stems, flexible branches and vines. Sesaro picked up the sack of fish and carried them to a small space he had set up with a rock for him to sit on and a tent, he put the sack down and went and got fire wood. In a few minutes he came back with several logs, he put them on the ground and brought out a match and light the logs and created a camp fire, clearly you could see Sesaro was a prepared guy when going out in to the great out doors. He cooked the fish and then ate them alone happily. After his large fiest he was picking food out in between his teeth with a fish bone, he noticed a toad jump pass him eating flys when he stopped. Sesaro rubbed his belly and then remembered about the summoning scrollls, he hadn't used them yet and was planning to but he didn't even know how to get the summonings. Sesaro stood up and brought out the summoning scrolls he had bought and looked at them "how do I make these things work?" he said wondering. Sesaro with the scrolls in hand went back to the mist village to investigate, leaving his things there since he was planing on comming back. When he arrived at the village he went to the villages library like he would normally doing when looking for information. When he arrived he looked for the book in the chakra section called *summoning*, he shortly found it and took it out of the shelf. Sesaro sat down in a chair and opened the book, he read from the book "to do a summoning or create a pact with a species what you must do is write the species name on the scroll and also give a blood sacrifice or offering to make the pact......" Sesaro passe dthrew all of the pages quickly looking on how the heck does he get the summoning animals after he made the pact he didn't find anything. Sesaro stood up and put the book away "well the book doesn't have that answer so i'll atleast make the pact". Sesaro went back to the site where he had all of his stuff and light the fire again since it had extinguished. Sesaro lies close to the fire iluminating the night, he brought out the summoning contract and bit his thumb. His thumb started to bleed and with that blood he wrote *TOAD*. After that nothing happened Sesaro felt the same it wa slike he hadn't done anything, Sesaro looked at the summoning scroll again the black lines were glowing "wow....." Sesaro said in amazment. He places both of his hands on the scroll and takes a better look but when he placed his hands on the scroll there was a giant bright flash of light and a crash was heard as the light emerged from the summoning scroll.

Once Sesaro came back to his senses he noticed that he was at a beautifull location with lush green vegetation, magnificent crystal blue waters and waterfalls & many perfect frog statue's all around with great detail. Sesaro stood up wondering where he was or how exactly he arrived to this beautifull location, he then had a flash back on how the scroll was glowing and then when he placed his hands on the scroll it released a giant bright light "well I guess the scroll was magic or something, oh well i'm happy I found this place tho I might stay here becuase of it's scenary " he said happily. He started to walk admiring the scenery and art works as he passed, Sesaro was also hopping he would find a human here but he seriously doubt it. Sesaro opened up his buttoned cloth that was like a uniform for him so he wouldn't be so hot since this world was very humid, he yanke a large leaf off a plant and waved it up and down quickly to fan off this sensation of heat he was feeling. As Sesaro walked fanning himself he saw a small stream passing by " I'm kind of thirst so i'll have a drink ". he walked over to the stream and used the large leaf to pick up a considerable amount of water and then also used the leafe to drink off of. As Sesaro finished drinking the water he wipped the drops of water that had fallen around his lips and let out a high pitched sigh of delite as the water was better than the bottled stuff back at kirigakure. Sesaro looked around as it started to drizzle, it was just a weak drizzle so Sesaro wasn't scared or anything. He continued to walk with the large leaf over his head, blocking all fo the rain drops that would come from wetting him. Shortly after the small drizzle became a all out storm with out lightning, the water came down making noise and being followed up with the loud pat all of the rain drops would make when they hit the ground and there was also a fair amount of high air currents passing by. Sesaro started to run as he spoke " well this is pretty much a typical rain storm from Kirigakure isnn't it? ". While running Sesaro noticed there was a large cavern in a mountain close by that could offer him a great protection or temporary home while it rained, he ran towards the cave and dove in to it. When he was in it he got close to the cave's walls and kept touching it as he would walk further and further in " aww where are my stuff from my survivor kit when I need them? I'm having the worst luck today ". As he kept on going further and further in to the cave he crashed in to a wall and said "well ...... looks like i'll be going up to here then " he said rubbing his head. Sesaro felt around the ground searching for 2 rocks, he shortly found 2 rocks and then started to hit one with the other in a matter so the rock would slide or scratch the other so it would produce sparks. After many minutes of trying he finally made a spark and saw twigs on the ground, he put the rocks in his pocket and searched for the twigs. When he found them he bunched them all together in one large pile and brought out the rocks, he smacked one rock with the other creating a spark that then jumped on to the twigs and egnited them. As the fire came out and roared Sesaro looked around happy taht he was as far as the cave would go and the wind couldn't reach the fire. He noticed that the wall he had crashed in to was a wall full of jiroglifics, Sesaro amazed by the amazing art work passed his hand over the markings and his fingers going in to each marking since they were carved in to the rock wall. Sesaro took a few steps back and noticed that the side walls of the cave were also full of jiroglifics or markings. Sesaro full of curiouriasity walks to the other walls and looks at them and says " who would take the time to carve these in..... wait a sec who would even live here? " Sesaro scratches his chin as he started to think that there could be other people here and might know how I could get back to Kirigakure or atleast back to my world. Sesaro then takes another look at the markings, they were truly magnificent with out a single flaw or error, he looked up and saw more markings and said " wow what the freak? for starters who could reach up there and second why would any one do all of this "?. Out of frustration Sesaro kicked the rock wall that was next to him but it wasn't a very good idea since rock PWNs foot every time, Sesaro jumps up and down holding his foot and then tripped over a rock and fell flat on the ground but on his ground and with extended arms. He opened and closed his eyes refocusing them and once he was back to one hundred percent he took the time to look at the top of the cave again and look at the markings. When he calmly looked at the markings they glowed and then magically changed from jiroglifics to words in japanese. Since Sesaro knew how to speak japanese he read out loud what the cieling of the cave said in english " This is the grand cave that holds the prophecy of great ninja's that summoned toads and could come to this magical and beautiful world. this land is named mount myoboku; the world of the toads and those who have come here have only been able becuase HE has called for him / her to appear here or one of the GREAT allowed the person to come. ". He looks father on and reads " these are the great ninja's that have been able to come here: Jiraiya the sage; he was a great boy taht came here when he was young to truly find his way and learned how to summon toads. Naruto Uzumake; he was also a great ninja that had the Kyuubi concealed in him and was trained by the great Jiraiya, here in Mount Miyoboku he learned how to enter Sage Mode and eventually ended up being a great sage. Sesaro Hitachii; he is a new ninja that has the twelve tailed bijuu concealed in side of him, Sesaro is a desendant from the great species of ninja's that came from the moon and also has a bit of the other Great in him too ". Sesaro took a few steps back scared and kind of freaked out and said " wait what the?! why am I here on the wall? and I have Jiraiya and Naruto in my blood? there must be a mistake but..... ugh I can't fix it so i'll stop fighting it and just go with the flow " said sesaro from a slightly frighted tone to a relaxed and relieved tone. Sesaro walked back to the camp fire he had made and sat down as he continued to admire all of jiroglifics, I look at the wall that had a picture of me and then I wonder why that wall with markings didn't want to change to japanese words. Sesaro scoffs and the lies down next to the fire with his hands behind his head like a cushions and crossing his legs. Sesaro happily eventually falls asleep with a smile and excited about what could happen tomorow.

Sesaro drowsely woke up with a long loud yawn, he rubbed his greenish brown eyes slightly waking him up more. He stood up and looked at the little fire he had made, it had stopped burning and all that was left were big pieces of burned wood and ashed & charcoal. Sesaro slowly walked towards the wierd cave's entrance, once he was out side he finished waking up with the bright sun light and a very nice breeze. Sesaro slowly walked further on taking small steps that barely left the ground, he eventually ended up making it to one of the beautiful ponds with crystal blue water that also had one of the beautiful and magnificent waterfall's pooring water in to it with few fish. Sesaro with out noticing it he continue walking and fell in to the pond making a large splash that echoed threw the empty mountains. He quickly sat since he had fallen flat on his chest, spitting out a large stream of water. He tilted his head and hit the side of it trying to get some of the water out of his ear. Sesaro then thought why was he even doing this, he should be tking a nice shower. With that in mind he took of his clothh and remained with his blue boxers with bright green zig zag stripes going threw them, he slowly walked threw the water and got under the waterfall. The falling water of the waterfall wasn't like normall water fall water, even tho it was going down fast it didn't pound on his body it just fell on his skin and slowly ran off Sesaro. As Sesaro happily took his shower he used scented leaves that were close to the ponds edge as they had a very pleasent odor and rubbed them alll over his body as if they were soap. Sesaro with his intellegence dicided to grab wild berrys from the bush that was also close to the pond's edge and squished them, using the juice that the berrys release and putting it in his hair to use it as shampoo, he rubbed his head slowly taking out the berry juice and rubbing his body taking off with help of the water the shreddings of the leaves that were left over his body like residue. As Sesaro finished his shower he walked out of the crystal blue pond and on to the nice green grass, once he got on the grass he rubbed his body with a large leaf he picked off a large tree and used it as a towel to dry all of the water that was covering him. Sesaro started to put his cloth on, one cloth item at a time. When he was at the last item, his shirt, he slowly put it on and when his head went threw the head hole thing, he saw a large frog in the distance and it looked like it was taking a bath in the river that streamed from the large pond. Sesaro looked at the frog as it moved and said "Finally some one..... or thing! I hope that frog knows how I can get back to Kirigakure or atleast my world!". Sesaro ran towards the large frog waving his hands in joy but the frog recieved Sesaro as a threat and was coming to attack, the frog jumped out of the water shooting a large stream of water out of it's mouth. The frog landed a few feet away from Sesaro and said "what are you doing here in this sacred land human?!". Sesaro slowly backed away saying "I don't know exactly how I arrived here but all I can say is that I was just checking out a summoning scroll and then wrote toad and then a large..... " Sesaro's words stopped when the toad yelled out "Lies! all of the words you are saying are lies!, for intruding this land I shall take you to our leader " said the toad as if he was a gate keeper or guardian. The toad shot his tong at Sesaro, pulling him in to his mouth and closed it's mouth and started to jump off quickly. Sesaro helled his head as he felt each bounce and his head would hit the top of his mouth. In a while the toad stopped jumping and Sesaro gave out a sigh of relief and said " woof, god it's about time that this toad stopped jumping. I was starting to feel clostrophobic ". The toad then opened his mouth and shot Sesaro out like a missil, Sesaro moved his hands rapidly in a circular motion and then landed flat on his face. He slowly got up rubbing hisface and brushing the dirt off of him, once he was done and looked forward there was a giant old geezer toad sitting in a giant throne. The giant elder toad was smiling and said " ah yes the child. " he said happily. Sesaro scratched his head and said " hey geezer how did you know I was going to end up coming here huh? " said sesaro curiously. The toad that had brought him hit Sesaro behind his head lightly to make him shut up and then said " shhhh! let the elder great toad sage speak you idiotic human!". The great elder sage laughed a bit and said " shh, let the boy be curious I was going to tell him any ways..... ". There was then a large ackward silence as every one waited for the elder toad sage to say what he was going to say. Sesaro started to get impatient and yelled out " well! what the heck were you going to say and why the heck was I brought here. All I wanted was to learn how to summon toads like the great Gallant Jiraiya! ". The toad sighed and then laughed abit " oh I had fergotten I was going to say ". Sesaro shows a * c'mon you auta be kidding me * face atthe toad sage's words. The toad sage said squinting " you are here becuase I had done a way for the next person to create a summoning contract with the toads would be transferred here hopping that the person would be the child from the prophecy ". Sesaro scratched his head as in his head echoed the word * prophecy *, he then gasps an * oh I know what your talking about * gasp and said " Ohhh! you mean that large cave that had all of those jiroglifics and markings right? ". The Toad sage closed his eyes and spoke " yes that same place, how did you know that? ha ha ha. Well you might be the child of the prophecy since you look like him by the description and he was supose to appear close to this time and season ". Suddenly a old green man toad with a white mohawk that went threw the middle of his head and threw the sides of his head as well, and then following him appeared a cream and purple colored female toad appeared that had a large light purple afro. They bowed in front of the elder toad and then stood straight. The toad sage smiled and said " why hello fukasuka & shima ....... ". The toad sage then sttopped speak and the two toads said " hello elder sage, I hope you have been having a good day " those words woke the toad sage up again since he had fallen asleep and then he says " oh yea, well . . . . you boy! what is your name? ". Sesaro said " you want to know my name? ". The elderly toad sage then chuckled and said "yes your name, you know what we were going to call you . . . . ". Sesaro closed his fist and angrily and annoyed said " I know what my name is, i'm not stupid or any thing liike that you geezer! . . . ". Sesaro's anger changed to a calm expresion as the toad was still smiling and then he said " my name is Sesaro Hitachiin sir. ". The toad sage then said " ah! ok Sesaro " he then pointed at the two toads that had just arrived and said " these are Fukasuka & Shima, they are toad sages and the ones that watch over this world from afar as I sit here happily in my chair ". The male toad sage jumped forward and tapped Sesaro on the foot and said " hello, it's nice to meet you Sesaro ". The sage toad woke up again as a bubble that was coming out of his nose popped, he looked at Sesaro and said " hey who are you? ". Sesaro's expression changed again to a * you got to be kidding me * one. The female toad sage jumped forward and yelled " His name is Sesaro, didn't you here bbefore when he said his name you Senile Old Geezer! ". The male toad sage yelled "how dare you call the grand toad sage senile geezer?! ". The toad sage grinned and said " shh stop fighting, didn't you know that couples shouldn't fight they are ment to love each other? ". The two toads bowed down in a way of asking for an apology. The great elder sage gave a large smile to confirm there wish and said "do me a favor and take this child away ". The toads followed there orders and took Sesaro away, Sesaro was kinda scared since he didn't know what was going to happen but he trusted in the toads so he let him self be taken away.

As the two toads took Sesaro away there was a large amount of bickering between the two toads that would then end up creating large gaps of awkcward silence moments. To strike up some conversation the male toad sage asked Sesaro " so Sesaro, where are you from?" he said in a very nice and polite tone. Out of curtousy and to not dis respect the toad sage he answered his question " well i'm from the village called Kirigakure in the land of Water . . .". The two sages then said in harmony or psnych " Well we guess we can trust you since the great elderly toad sage had told us before that the next child of the prophecy was diffrent from the others and I guess this could be it since all of the other ninjas that have even came here or even make toad summonings were all from Konoha or the leaf village, what ever you want to call it. So your the first from a doffrent village and that's what he are looking at or for . . .". Another moment of awkward silence invaded the conversation so as a way to keep things moving Sesaro said " so where are you sage's taking me any ways? am I going back to my village? " he said with curiousity. The male toad sage said "no. You will now learn how to summon us which is an easy technique since we will be helping you and then you will leave". Sesaro grinned happily as he heard the words of the elderly male toad sage since he was finally going to be able to summon toads. They eventually arrive at a beautiful spot that had a large yellow thing coming out of the ground spitting out water and toad statues that were also spitting out water. Sesaro sat down as the toads began to speak "ok to summon us all you have to do are these 7 hand signs ". he then demonstrated the handsigns and continued to speak "once you do you have to slap your hand on the ground pushing out ground and poof we'll appear and remember when you first summon us in the out side world you have to put some blood on your hand". Sesaro after hearing the words he quickl began to make the hand signs and slap his hand on the ground and nothing happened. Sesaro out of frustration made multiple shadow clones and then all of them start to try and do the summoning technique, as they went on with the training one of the clones managed to produce smoke and at that moment Sesaro knew he had gained some knowledge. He then regroups all of the shadow clones and does the hand signs he had to do and slapped his hand on the ground and poof Shima appeared there. Sesaro jumped in glee saying " yea I did it! I really did summoning ". The toads smiled at his celebration and then brought out a large scroll and said "you have to sign here your name and then place your finger prints there and all in blood ". Sesaro wasn't scared at all, he bit his thumb and then wrote his name. Once he wrote his name he had gotten blood on his finger tips and with tht done he puts his hand on the paper, copying his finger prints on it the male toad sage rolled up the scroll and said " congradulationz Sesaro, you may now summon us and officially made a contract with us toads. you may now leave". Sesaro smiled and then looked around kind of frake dout and said " Ok but how can I leave? ". The female toad sage took a few steps forward and said " I'll take care of it ". She put her hand on Sesaro's head and then made him teleport back to Kirigakure.

Sesaro after his arrival lied there on the ground with extended arms thinking of that crazy and unbolievable adventure he had just had in the land of toads called Mount Myoboku. He smiled as he blacked out and dreamed about the beatiful world again and hoping he would be able to go back again soon.

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Another paragraph on Persona.

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