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 Revolver Toceol

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PostSubject: Revolver Toceol    Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:57 pm


Nickname(s):The Revolver
Age: 32
Visual Age:About 39

Rank:Ascended Human
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Body Frame:Medium
Blood Type:O
Sound of Voice:Toceol has a average aged very cocky type of voice when he is not being serious. However, when he is supsicious, it is very proffesional. And when he is dead serious, he is calm in his voice that could almost chill the bone
Introvert/Extrovert:Little bit of both
Hobbies:Revolver Collecting,Juggling, Sneaking
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Games of chance, Living, Firing his guns, Practicing his skills, Everything going right

Dislikes-Missing, plans falling apart, torturing, Going back Home, Forced Vacations

Personality:His personality is hard to describe. He is normally a bit of a show off, being a man that is better with handguns than anyone alse in the world. He on missions has been seen to be extremely sarcastic at some times, but in others he is so serious he could send chills down your spine. Around people he tends to be the same. He likes to hang around the people he associates himself with, but he hates the idea of torture, he does not understand it at all. He has an extremely persistent nature when he is doing what he wants to, once he has a goal, he sticks to it, whatever the cost it may be.

When simply out in the real world however, he doesn't know what to do with himself most of the time, its honestly a culture shock to him due to the amount of time he spends away from normal civilization. On days off he is relaxed and normally anxious, unsure what to do with himself. Around women he is not any different other than a few bad memories due to female spies. Around his superiors, he is respectful unless he knows they are in the wrong, having a sense that loyalty to ones people and not the government itself is the most important thing. The most important thing is his fatal flaw however, he is cocky, but relentless in a fight, but his cockiness comes with good reason, as he is the best at what he does.

Defining Characteristics:Always carries Three Colt SAA Revolvers and Bandoliers.

Ranked from S to F

Spirit Sense-A

Handgun - S

Submachine gun - A

Assault rifle - B

Shotgun - B

Sniper rifle - A

Heavy weapons(Bazooka, Rpg, Mpg, ect...) - B

Knife (CQC) - A

Throwing weapons - B

Traps - A

Technical skill -B

Medical skill - B

"Blinker"(His Flash Step) - B

Spirit Particle Gathering - B

Fighting type:Ranged

History/BackgroundToceol is the son of two extremely spiritually aware people. The woman was a woman whose hands could take on spirits simply due to her powers, while his father was a Spirit Medium that could control emotions, spirits, and could even control weather. Toceol of course because of this became very spiritually aware. Toceol was brought up in a military family, raised from the get go to fight as no one else could, learning a fighting style that only he his mother and her partner had mastered. He took an interest in revolver type guns at an early age and took to them instantly, particularly a model of Colt whose bullets ricochet better than any other kind, the Colt SAA Revolver. He spent a large amount of time in the army fighting back a group and stopping a cold war from occurring, and obtaining a fortune though the Philosopher's Secrets, a age old treasure he had help secure for the government.

But it all changed when the world started to feel the affects of being Spiritually aware. He began to have to help fight back more of the spirit creatures that his father and mother had once helped defend this world against. Both had died, His mother killing his father, for they had become rival agents, and his father was already near death, so she killed him in mercy. While his mother died at the hands of her old partner, a man that is Toceol rival, and a man that Toceol greatly respects. Now Toceol has left the army under secret orders, and is now searching for the causes of this super natural event.

Role-play Sample:(---)

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PostSubject: Re: Revolver Toceol    Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:58 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Revolver Toceol    Thu Nov 25, 2010 6:34 am

Wait, I need you to correct some things. Specialties aren't combat related. There is no Fighting Type. And now that I see you are going for Ascended Human, I need another paragraph or two on history and an RP sample.

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PostSubject: Re: Revolver Toceol    

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Revolver Toceol
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