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 Back in the game

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The Jackal

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PostSubject: Re: Back in the game   Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:36 pm

The questions were asked and all that remained were the answers to these questions. The Jackal was interested in hearing what number Daichi was given, or gave himself for that matter. The Jackal chose not to assume anything, since often assumptions could lead to the ridiculous. The new Segunda sighed a little, and after hearing Daichi's response a smile appeared on his face. The Espada was more or less intrigued by what he was told. To think that the Espada went as far or as lowest to even warrant Zero. Judging by the rumors that went around Hueco Mundo. The Espada were all given a number, and these numbers also determine strength. The Jackal had been staying away from the Espada for some time now. The Arrancar had chosen to reside within the deepest and darkest corners of Hueco Mundo. It was through mere chance and randomness that the Jackal chose to approach the Espada. Las Noches provides a base for the Hollow forces of Hueco Mundo. The Jackal was always a skeptic, since there could be a change in regime at any given moment. "Cero Espada you say? You must truly be the top dog around, I want to know more about the Espada. I am willing to bet that you will divulge the much needed information at some point".

The Jackal took note of the lackey that was summoned by Daichi. Were such a person on standby all along? Truly a comical and creepy situation, to have someone at your beckon call are only perks for a leader. The Jackal was looking to get himself a new subordinate in the form of the serpent. The details of this mutual agreement will be discussed sometime soon. Eying the tattoo artist that was now kneeling down before them. The Jackal placed his right hand on his chin as if pondering a few things. Just where should he even put a tattoo on his body? "I fancy putting a tattoo on the right side of my neck. Make sure that my hair keeps the tattoo hidden from view, that way whenever I reveal it, it shall be a surprise to the unfortunate foe". The Jackal's words were aimed at both the tattoo artist and the Espada. The segunda soon eyed his new fraccion, a person of whom appear to amuse the Jackal. There was an hint of defiance, plus the idea of having a "choice" was also present. How remarkable such foolish thoughts were. The Jackal thought he had put more than enough emphasis on what was said to the funny accented man earlier. There was only one explanation for this, the Jackal's words didn't get through to him entirely.

The Espada maintained his position, still as vigilant and cautious as ever. And as tattoo Joe or Joe tattoo came closer, several thoughts on how to disembowel the man came to mind. The Jackal for the point made it easy for the tattoo artist to get the job done.
"Oi mister serpent, I don't seem to remember catching your name. Nor do I remember giving you mine, so here it is. I go by the name Lucius Cross, but there is also a certain nickname that you referred to me by just now. By the way, if you think you are already dead, then what is the point of feeling fear? You may have died in another life already, but you are very much alive in this one. It is for this reason why we went on consuming souls, just so that we can survive. Otherwise our evolution and quest for power would be a pointless endeavor. Hopefully you will listen and take my words into consideration. Call it what you will, but as of now you will be working under me". The Jackal did give the serpent something to consider while the Espada was getting his number tattooed on his body. After the tattoo was imprinted on his body, what would be next on the agenda? A full run down on the way the Espada operates? There was also the question of just how many other Espada and Arrancar there are at the moment.

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PostSubject: Re: Back in the game   Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:56 pm

Hueco Mundo, the home of the formidable Hollow Race. A world filled with nothing but darkness and despair. Across the many miles of white sand, the only notable points were the odd leafless tree. That, and the home of the Espada army, Las Noches. A castle fit for a king. Moving through this castle, the most... Touched, of the Espada camp. It wasn't so much the clearly moderate insanity of this man, but more so the way he decided to present himself. A humanoid on all fours. As he continued towards the exit of the castle, two claws smashed against the ground with each step. A chain linking the claws dragged across the floor, making it sounds as if there was a one man orchestra running riot. His name was Methias.

As he exited, he lifted his head high into the air, before moving into a standing position. He looked around the desert lazily for a while, not taking notice of anything going on around him. Yawning lightly, his right hand moved to the back of his head, scratching lightly against his pale white hair. As he moved his hand, a red staining began to cover the hair where his hand just scratched. He simply licked the claw that caused the injury, savouring the taste as a smile crept across his face. However, his peaceful and fun day was about to be disturbed. Two highly potent Reiatsu collided, only a few hundred meters away from where he was. Truth be told, he could have realized the presence of the two much sooner than he did if it wasn't for his mind constantly drifting from one subject to another.

However, before he went to check it out, he looked back behind him. Just a few meters away was a large bag, clothes sitting inside it. They were just clean, although the fact it took him twelve hours to get it done was quite pathetic. By this time, the injury on the back of his head had healed up, and he decided that instead of rushing, he would casually stroll to the two stronger forces. There was no rush after all. The strongest Reiatsu was coming from the Cero Espada, and it wasn't like someone was about to show up and kick him down. Heck, there was even another weaker Reiatsu, although that was certainly no challenge to any member of the ten blades.

After a while, he had finally appeared before Daichi, the Cero Espada, as well as the newest addition to their group. Staring blankly at him for a few moments, he shrugged slightly, before dropping the bag of clothes beside him. The instant they hit the ground a loud thud pushed its way through the ears of everyone in the general area. For a few moments, it seemed that this was far more interesting to Methias than the current situation. However, after around ten seconds, he looked back up at his leader. Pointing at the bag, he indicated his task had been completed. Completely ignoring the new Fraccion of the recently promoted Segunda Espada, he looked down at his clothes. Something was definitely wrong with them, although he had yet to figure out just what that was. White in color, baggy leg wear, unbuttoned shirt, blood stain covering his back and his Ressureccion still in tact. Shrugging, he sat himself on the floor. He was now bored, but even he could tell he shouldn't leave just yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Back in the game   Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:02 pm

Aaaah. The ever so dim night was laughing brightly unto the sands of the desert that made up practically all of Hueco Mundo. The night which was ever present and the inhabitants of this long-ranged, widely stretched area were also ever, ever-evolving though. In turn, the espada who was nameless in the past had come to this desert some decades ago, most likely about sixty years it was and he still had not gotten used to intrusions of people. Some weren’t even bad, but some were just annoying. Most of all intruders which caught the interest of strong Arrancar were annoying since the spiritual output of their fights would always trigger a certain thirst within this young-looking man. Now when he was wondering through the desert’s many hills, through that ocean of sand again, he could at one point feel a spiritual presence that was very well known to him. Due to the arrancar being the great personality in the aspect of sensing other spiritual presences it took him a little to realize, but one he had found a point to shift his focus to, he had soon figured out where to go in order to greet some people.

Running throughout the area, where at the moment two young looking men were, there was a sudden rise of reiatsu pressure. The reason for that was quite simple, a quite strong and powerful figure appeared. Exactly a twenty meters to the left of the two arrancar, a young looking man appeared. Unlike most people who hid their reiatsu when they entered an area, this man was not like that, he did not care if someone noticed him or not. Well, that is, at least now he did not care about it. At the moment, he was taking his usual walk trough the dessert, minding his own business. On him, he wore the usual Espada attire, with his hollow hole located on the lower part of his chest. Of course, other than the mentioned hole, Drake looked just like a human or a shinigami. The remaining of his Hollow masks were hidden by his robes, due to the fact that the only thing left was a small bone jaw on his neck, which was hardly visible. On his back, attached to it by simple sheath which had a strap which he hung around his shoulder so that it rested diagonally behind him, there was a large blade. If the two would look at the magnificent weapon, they would notice its beauty and how the blade part was glowing with a bright light. The cause, unknown, though the young looking Arrancar did touch the guard with his index finger at that moment.

Looking at the two, he noticed that they were talking about something. Since he was too far from them, he could not understand what were they saying. But, judging by the serious looks on their faces, it had to be something important. Since Drake did not wanted to disturb them while they were having that important conversation, he did not say a thing. Instead, he waited for them to say something to him. Then the another thought passed through his head which appeased him much more then just getting recognized. Drake used sonido again to close the gap so that he was standing five meters away from Daichi. "I just happened to sense your reiatsu's and I must say both of yours are impressive. Much more impressive than my own. Mind telling me your names eh?" Drake held a sly grin on his face with his eyes smiling more than his face was.
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PostSubject: Re: Back in the game   Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:53 pm

An Arrancar, were they really any better than any other creature of the world? Well of this world, they were far superior to others creatures that lived here. They weren't exactly these monsters that stole the souls of other living beings that would be called Hollows, and neither were they these almost advanced human beings that used swords that could change their shapes as weapons that would be called Shinigami, but they were of a completely different level. Their powers expanded far past that of a normal Hollow and Shinigami. They were called Arrancar, the strongest beings of this world called Hueco Mundo. Among these beings were an advanced group of individuals; they were called Espada.

The Espada had consisted of the ten most powerful Arrancar in all of Hueco Mundo, I guess you could say that these would be considered the top dogs of this land. Their powers all were different, and some may have been similar, but who knew? Each one was ranked in a certain way; with numbers. If you had the number "one" on your body anywhere, you would be considered one of the strongest of the Espada. If you had the number "ten" on your body, then out of all of the Espada, you were considered the weakest; but there was one who's power was beyond the rest of them, and that was Cero Espada. The Cero Espada was marked with a "zero" which meant that he wasn't in comparison with the rest of the Espada when it came to strength, but knowledge might be a different story. Since we're on the matter of talking about Espada, let's talk about one in particular who was named Niiro.

A man was walking through this sand of a white color, with a white jacket that seemed almost like a robe. He wore this robe over his body, covering every part of his body except for his mouth. Even though his body was covered, somehow he was capable of seeing clearly from underneath the hood of this jacket. This robe had a black outline that went around the hood, the collars of the sleeves that covered up his hands, and down the zipper of his jacket. Underneath this jacket hid a man, well I guess you couldn't really consider him a man anymore. He died once and became something far greater than just a man; in fact, he was far stronger than when he was just a regular man. He was now an Arrancar, but not just any old Arrancar either. This guy was considered one of the strongest of this land, but not the strongest out of the group he was in. He was what some people would call an Espada.

As he walked through the great mass of sand he felt the presence of five others, one of these towered over that of the others, so he could only guess who that was. He decided now would be a great time to hide his reiatsu, why? Because he didn't want to be dragged into something that would require him to do something he wasn't willing to do. Although, he didn't want to be dragged into this, he decided to check it out anyways for reason that were unknown to even himself. As long as his appearance had been in this area, it disappeared even faster. He was now on his way to do something that most people would call snooping.

His appearance showed up once on his way towards the presences of these beings and wouldn't show up again for a while. He was moving pretty fast when he felt the presence of another appear in the same area. It was funny how many people were just showing up like this, but Niiro wasn't someone who wanted to be seen nor heard. He appeared about a mile away from these beings and surveyed them for a while. He wanted to see what exactly was their purposes here, but then again this is Niiro we're talking about. In almost an instant he stopped caring about who they were, nor what their names were, so he would remain quiet for a while. He flickered, in almost the speed of sound, over to a tree that was popping out of the ground, and he stood underneath it. His head raised as he looked up to the moon that was forever shining in the sky of Hueco Mundo. Although his head was raised, you still couldn't really see anything more than his mouth. After taking a glance at the majestic, round piece of rock that was in the sky, he looked back towards the five people that were conversing not too far from where he was.
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PostSubject: Re: Back in the game   Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:34 pm

A large, tall figure walked in the distance of the great white desert of las noches. The slight breeze blew up the white sand of the desert, covering his lower body and leaving the top part visible. In minutes the figure was close enough for him to be seen, popping out his muscules the figure transmited a very small shock wave that blew all of the sand off of his body and revealing his true appearence. A large tall tan man with bushy black hair showed his face, with his espada jacket un-buttoned and with it's collar popped up to cover his neck and also the tail of it blowing with the wind he frowned. Scratching his head as he was drowsy becuase he had just awaken from a nap, he looked at all of the arrancars and asked "Hey, what i've missed....?"
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Drazon Fukkashi

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PostSubject: Re: Back in the game   Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:58 pm

OOC: Not gonna waste anyone's time. I have 0 inspiration to post at this moment so i am gonna make a bullshit post.

Drazon suddenly appeared making a small wind in the air.
He looked around and noticed alot of other arrancar.
He smiled and screamed.
"I am Drazon Fukkashi. Septima espada. Nice to meet you all"
Drazon said these words with confidence and looked at the face of the man he would assume with Cero.
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PostSubject: Re: Back in the game   

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Back in the game
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