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 Nisame Kurogane

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PostSubject: Nisame Kurogane   Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:46 pm


Name: Nisame Kurogane
Nickname(s): Kuro
Age: 750
Visual Age: 13

Gender: Male
Division: 10th Division
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 145cm
Weight: 38kg

Body Frame: Thin
Blood Type: AB+
Sound of Voice: He has a childish voice so it high pitched and squeaky sadly it stays like this even when he is angry.
Appearance: His hair like a child is kept short and it sticks out, though it posseses a light brown colour with a blonde highlights. His eyes have very large pupils showing little of the iris, the colour of these pupils was a crystal blue. Most of the time is face keeps a serious expression as he tries to keep his allies safe & his subordinates in line. Sometimes he drops his serious look for a cute little smile, though he only shows this to who he cares about. But whenever he rushes into battle his stare deepens further always keeping himself aware this facial expression is rather disappointing as it is rather bland.

Introvert/Extrovert: A bit of both sadly enough
Hobbies: Meditation, Hanging out, Sleeping & Mind games.
Likes and Dislikes:

- kind girls
- sweet things
- a good fight
- powerful people
- weak people (different reason all together)

- heartless people
- anything bitter
- anything boring
- conversations that go on for way too long

Personality: Nisame is usually a happy person so to speak. Due to his upbringing he is living a very long late childhood so he has all the annoying aspects. He has a short temper to those who do not listen mainly because he was treated so badly but who cares about that. He is a person who loves a good fight even if they have a shred of potential. He also holds nothing back he is always gungho about just about anything the only times that he actually slows down and thinks is when he knows he is in for it.

But he is also a fully mature person so he can be civilised when he wants to. Which ironically is not very often. Though he basically becomes a bit of a player when it comes to women even though most women that get near him are pedophiles, so he tries to stay away from them in general.

Defining Characteristics: His childish looks even though he is 750 years old
Specialties: Hakuda (Hand to hand combat): Due to his smaller stature when compared to most shinigami, he cannot fight with large weapons. So Nisame has learnt how to use himself as his own weapon.

History/Background: Nisame kurogane or rather Ethan kawanashi was not always this kind of a person he was brought up as kind gentle person living a life of luxury. Everything was going right for him his parents were nobles so he was kept in high regard by those around him, or so he thought. Japanese nobility is kept in check with the emperors will as he controlled just about every thing back then sadly enough. So when the emperor changed, it was like saying goodbye to everything really. You see whilst he was visiting our district for an inspection my father did the one thing i never expected him to do he assasinated the new guy somehow he succeeded but they quicklycaptured him soon after then declaring to our entire village that all of us were traitors to the empire and that we were all to be executed. Now as a little child Ethan was powerless infact he was so weak he almost escaped but his heritage was found out and he was then brutally beheaded.

When he arrived in the soul society he had forgotten every thing even his name it was kind of scary walking around poor and lonely. After a while this refugee camp basically was not looking to be so bad there was a lot of people his age there so he managed to keep a smile. As the years went by reality set in as depression flowed through his mind he then noticed who runs every thing around here the men in black or the Shinigami. One remembers a bout one or two seconds of their konsou but the looks so different from back then, like this is more serious business. Every month or two a small amount of hollows enter the soul society and then they shingami get to work slicing them apart and helping them to pass on. All that boy could think about after that was a heartbeat.

Whenever he looked at someone he could feel even vaguely see that pulse, that sensation. In a way the sound he felt made his blood boil it was if it was not there heartbeats but his own he did not understand this as it only happened for brief moments but it was like someone or something was calling. Due to poverty our little friend decided to enter shinigami gakuen for not only accomidation but also somewhere to earn some money no matter how small the intake really was. When he was asked his name he struggled at first as it had been over a century since someone had said then replying with "My name is Nisame Kurogane" at that moment he noticed those heartbeats again as he zoned out and found himself in a fiery abyss staring at someone around his age but he could not here his voice. As the wierd person finally sighed as he realised that his name would not reach him he decided to let him go back to the real world. The instructor was shocked as Nisame stood there for five minutes in a comatose like state. As Nisame got used to his wakizashi others wondered why it was so small for this person thinking he was a weakling.

Time passed Nisame had proven to be far superior at hakuda than zanjutsu which made people wonder if his zanpaktou was just for show never the less nisame had met that man 5 more time since then only hearing that heartbeat. He then decided to look into meditation as he had no abilities with kido things were looking more & more grim by the day he would need a miracle to graduate. Then he heard a voice "Lets make a miracle together then". He then began to meditate hoping his zanpaktou would talk to him this time. As he awoke he appeared in that abyss once more the man then asked "Can you hear me?" Nisame replied with a clear and sharp "Yes i can hear you", it was odd but it was like he was crying as he then walked up to him. "Are you alright" Nisame asks The person nods as he utters "I have waited for such a long time i tried to call out to you but you could not hear me" Nisame thinks back and then realises "Were you the one making the those sounds like a heartbeat?" He looks at him then pulls a large grin out of nowhere "If you could here what took you so long oh wait i am so rude pleased to meet you my name is Myoujou but if you want you can call me lucifer."

"Lucifer eh are we overestimating ourselves maybe just a little bit?" Nisame questioned. "I see how about you harness just some of my powers then try to judge me later ok!" Nisame walked away shrugging this off as he awoke from his trance. It was if he knew what he was doing as he said those words "Let every thing burn before you, Myoujou" His sword disappeared in a burst of flames which coated his hands in a pair of strange gloves. "So this is my shikai huh almost as useless as the sealed state but i guess it will work with my hakuda." He hears a voice in the background noticing that his zanpaktou spirit is standing next to him "Is that it you say no this is the base no how about i give you light." as Myoujou says this Nisame's gloves light ablaze with a decent amount of fire per hand further more a flame lit up upon his forehead as well. Nisame wonders if he should be in any sort of pain what so ever at the same time he wonders how long these gloves will last. "Do not worry those gloves are harder than your unreleased form and they are also very flexible, however those flame will only last as long as you can handle them thus the third flame on your forehead. Well chao i shall see you soon." Nisame almost imediately left the academy into straight out service after that and until recently was doing only grunt work but his time may be coming?

Role-play Sample: Do this shortly just let me finish my zanpaktou first plz
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PostSubject: Re: Nisame Kurogane   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:19 pm

Hey take a look plz let me do my zanpaktou first before my rp sample it will work trust me.
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PostSubject: Re: Nisame Kurogane   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:25 pm

I require more on personality and history.

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PostSubject: Re: Nisame Kurogane   

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Nisame Kurogane
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