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 Kutsū Hōyō (苦痛の抱擁 - Agony's Embrace)

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PostSubject: Kutsū Hōyō (苦痛の抱擁 - Agony's Embrace)   Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:27 am


Kutsu's Theme Song -

Name: Kutsū Hōyō (苦痛の抱擁 - Agony's Embrace)
Nickname(s): Aruite Owari (歩いて終わり - The Walking End), Gādian (ガーディアン - Guardian), Shinjitsu no me (真実の目 - The Eyes of Truth)
Age: 831
Visual Age: 21

Gender: Male
Division: Sixth
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 7'5
Weight: 150 lbs

Body Frame: Large
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Deep and cold. Uncaring, unsincere. As if you were talking to someone with no emotion. He can show emotion in it if he chooses to, but 90% of the time it is how he sounds.

Head - Kutsu has slate gray eyes, with an intense look to them. When he makes eye contact with you, it's hard to keep looking back. His hair is long, and straight, falling down to his mid-back, as well as framing his face. His hair is jet black, and not kept in any specific hairstyles except for simply hanging loosely around his body. At all times, he has a rather emotionless expression, but oddly when he smiles at someone, his eyes take a rather caring, and sincere look to them instead of the normal intense, cold look you would get from someone who didn't approve of you in any way; not even that you existed. He is rather handsome, making him appealing to younger girls.

Upper Body - He wears a regular shihakusho, which allows his hair to hang down his back and chest. His zanpakuto hangs on a strap on his back, the handle of his blade coming up over his left shoulder, just enough for him to reach back and draw it. His upper body is defined and muscular, not to the point he is bulging out like the hulk, but enough to show that he isn't skinny or fat. Usually in the pockets inside his shihakusho, he will carry a book called "Shinigami Psychology", and his wallet.

Lower Body - He wears the lower part of his shihakusho, as well as black sandals with socks, giving his feet no protection.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Reading, Meditating, Walking, Visiting cafès, and training.
Likes and Dislikes:


- Silence
- Reading (Books about understanding psychology are read the most.)
- Resting (In moderation, as in, he's not a lazy fuck.)
- His zanpakuto
- Talking with others
- Taking long walks
- The color teal
- Meditating (To speak with his zanpakuto)
- Mature people
- Spending time around the barracks
- Training (His bankai)
- The truth
- Law (To an extent)
- Peace
- Is interested in girls


- Loud noises
- Loud places
- Lots of people (Three's a crowd)
- Mystery books (Fuck scooby-doo..)
- Being lazy
- People who are too talkative
- Immature people
- Spending time out of soul society
- Liars
- False truth
- Fighting
- War

Personality: Kutsu is regularly uncaring, and emotionless. He pays no attention to fools or jokers, people rarely annoy him to the point he says something. If they do, he'll most likely put them on their ass, and leave to see if they take a hint. He keeps this cold exterior for his position in Gotei, as well as a form of respect from his inferiors and other captains. Most of the time, it's impossible for his opponents to read what he is going to do based on his expression or actions, as he will regularly stand around and stare them down, simply dodging when he needed to and making surprise attacks, the specialty of his shikai. In battle, he's even more cold towards his opponents, killing them as quickly as possible to restore peace to the area. In truth, he doesn't like to fight, and hates war. He would rather see the people just shut the fuck up and live with each other, but unfortunately that will never happen, so he has to deal with it daily. Inside his cold exterior, he is actually a very caring, sincere, and loving person. Nobody has ever seen this side of him, due to the fact he has never had a person to show it to. He's a gentleman around girls, and probably the nicest around them, to be proper. The secret to his second nickname, is that when he finds a person to be with, he acts as their Guardian.

Defining Characteristics: His eyes, their unnatural intensity making it hard to keep eye contact with him, yet oddly at the same time they have a very caring and sincere look to them when he smiles.

Specialties: His ability to see through any lie earning his third nickname. He has a unique specialty in cooking, and has keen eyesight.



In his infancy, Kutsu was born in the United Kingdom, he and his family being of pure Celtic blood. Due to traits, they were natural swordsmen, had high intelligence, and decent looks. During his birth, as he was leaving the room his mother hadn't survived the birthing. Instead, he was carried away by the doctors arms, only to be left with his father a week later. The man shared a great resemblance to his son, having slate gray eyes, and a deep intense stare, with almost no emotion in his expression. Tall with a large frame, the man was a warrior of his time. Usually this meant he was rather uncaring, which would make it a tougher life on Kutsu. Still, he was taken home to the small wooden house with the chimney. Smoke billowing as if the forest were ablaze from the tiny home. Enough room for a man and his son, much less a family.


As soon as he turned four, a wooden sword was slapped into Kutsu's hands. His father would train him daily, for hours on end, even after exhaustion until he was a wonderful swordsman. Each day would pass quicker than the previous. One day, the green leaves would shine brightly with the sun. The next, they would be browning. After that day, the trees would be barren and snow-covered. On the horizon of the morrow, they'd be full of life once again. It was as if the seasons came and went within only a few hours. Blinking would pass time faster than staying in a coma for years. It was not until the age of six did things really start to slow down. School was beginning, and this boy was already a grand swordsman attending a little boys educational school. As prompted, and from self opinion, he carried his wooden blade with him. It was only a foot and a half long, with six inches of handle. Finely carved, no splinters would come about unless it was bashed around like a bludgeon. During his first day of school, the 'bullies' would make their target the wrong person. At this time, Kutsu's black hair was only slightly to his shoulders, his slate gray eyes having little to no emotion in them. His white european skin was pale even though he spent long hours in the sun when it decided to come out. Looking forward as the first boy brought a fist down, in what seemed to be less than a second, he had gripped his sword. Making contact with the fist, there was a loud crack. The bully pulled back, only to have a strong smash into his gut, a spinning slash into the nose, and a sparta kick to his chest. From the bullies point of view, at first, his knuckle had been broken, him pulling back. Only enough time to react from the smashing to his gut, he suddenly had a broken nose, and then was flat on his ass. Without much other thought, blood spilled down the lard-asses face, falling over his lips as Kutsu would bring his blade back into its soft leather sheath which hung upon his back by a strap. A sudden burst of tears was heard, and Kutsu simply went and took his seat in the class. Silent as he could ever be, staring into the teacher's eyes with waiting, bored patience. After that incident, years seem to go by like seconds.


Throughout his teenage life, nothing much happened for Kutsu. He excelled beyond all others at his school, and eventually beat his father in swordsmanship, who was proud of him. Never did Kutsu accept any girls into his life, already figuring out on his own what pain it brought, him realizing much about life in this time.


This was the year Kutsu lost his father. Dying from tuberculosis, he made a vow to be a guardian, just like his father was for him. And for that one person he'd finally accept into his life.


In late December, during the coldest day of the year, Kutsu was murdered after a long struggle of a fight. Falling to the ground, his soul arrived quickly and he became a shinigami.

Shinigami Years-

For hundreds of years he further trained in swordsmanship, as well as mastering shunpo, and becoming extremely skilled in kido techniques. Furthering throughout all of his training, he unlocked his bankai as a lieutenant, and earned his captains position. For a hundred years, he has been a captain of Division 6.

I'll expand on the history another time.

Role-play Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Kutsū Hōyō (苦痛の抱擁 - Agony's Embrace)   Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:24 am

Approved for now, but you really gotta write the history later. No matter what. You have 5 days.
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Kutsū Hōyō (苦痛の抱擁 - Agony's Embrace)
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