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PostSubject: Count Vertigo    Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:09 pm


Name: Valder Petrov
Nickname(s): Count Vertigo, Vertigo
Age: 642
Visual Age: 29

Gender: Male
Rank -
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 172 lbs.

Body Frame: Medium Muscular
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Deep
Appearance: Valder is a handsome man with striking emerald green eyes and shining golden blond hair which accents his pale complexion giving him a somewhat angelic complexion like that of the old days when people still believed in such things. He has full lips and a small nose as well as a narrow jawline with high cheekbones again adding to his angelic appearance but he is far from angelic and more devilish and sacrilegious in character then your average man but we will get to that later on. His blond hair is shaggy and short with glorious natural curls which sit pleasantly on his thin hair line, his hair style is a simple one with nothing astounding or eye catching; it consists of outwardly curls along the hair line and a slight comb over revealing his pale white scalp slightly. On the center of his forehead is the remnants of his days as a bloodthirsty hollow known to the Shinigami as the Contorted; it consists of a spiral design with a golden gem like skull at its center, the spiral itself is 3 indented lines in a spiral formation creating two prongs going in opposite directions. His hollow hole is located in the direct center of his chest exactly 19mm from the direction his heart should be. He has no tattoos or notable scars to speak off except for his Numero which is located on the back of his neck but his garb is just as defining. It consists of a white mandarin style sleeveless shirt with a large popped collar with white the inverted shinigami colors of black inside of white, with three blacks cords wrapping around his torso on either side of his ribcage re-entering the fabric on 6 intricate black holes on the back, also it has fabric completely wrapped around the waist acting like a trench coat bottom; along with average sized white gi pants with a black holster on either calf and deep pockets along the seems; he has easy fit slip on white shoes with black sole; he wears an arm brace on his forearms as well as an armband on his upper arms. He wears a silver ring on his left index finger.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Likes and Dislikes:




Defining Characteristics:
Fighting type:
Role-play Sample: (This is here if you want to have an account of elite status. A link to a topic is always preferred over a singular post.)
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Count Vertigo
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