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 Sai mutha fucka's

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Sai Saici Miyagi

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PostSubject: Sai mutha fucka's   Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:31 am

Name:Sai Saici Miyagi
Nickname(s):Sai,Miyagi,Saiya,Silver Haired Shadow
Real Age:900
Visual Age:24

Division:Kido Corps
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Body Frame:Medium

Blood Type:O

Sound of Voice:

Appearance:Sai has a silver-gray shiny hair color with a nice skinned tone. He has glossy purple-pink eyes that shine in any light that make him stick out. Sai is rather tall and buff for his size and likes to wear black. Sai likes to wear black dress pants and a black dress shirt under his regular shinigami kimono to show his love for dressing formal. Sai is known for his signature smile and the way he talks to people. Sai has some black streaks in his hair that are piercing black once in the sun light but in the night they are just plain like someone put paint in Sais hair. Sai has a thing for these 2 white gloves that stay on his hands no matter were he goes and they seem to never get dirty, he also likes to wear pendant around his neck that has a weird symbol that is believed to symbolize peace and prosperity.Along with this when not wearing his kimono he has a black trench buckle jacket that he wears over his formal outfit. Sai enjoys smoking his signature black cigars that ease his pain sometime along with his black glasses that are tented and shine off his purple-pink eyes.

Introvert/Extrovert:Extrovert. Sai loves to say things out in the open and does not like to stay content for to long. He would rather tell you something in your face then in your back.

Hobbies: Sai likes to shoot around with his kido and train all the time. He likes to play around with butterflies and loves to play around with women.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Sai likes to eat dango and get himself drunk to his hearts content. You can normally catch Sai drinking some saki inside his housing area because the man loves to drink

Dislikes- Sai hates ignorant people and those who are full of themselves. He hates anyone who thinks life is pointless and isn't worth anything.

Personality:Sai Saici is a rather strange individual. He is one of the coolest guys you could ever meet and he is far from a closed book. The man loves to talk and will talk to you all day if you allow him to. Sai can be rather pushy and over hyper at some times and it makes him look stupid sometime but that is just part of his wild side. Even tho it does not look like it Sai Saici is quite strong and can sometime hint that alot just for the fun of it even tho it may make some people very mad and tired of hearing it. Believe it or not Sai has a strong love for children as he says they are the source of life that keeps the world going along with the on going fact that he thinks babies are made of reiatsu in the air, Not to mention Sai gets a drive that makes him very determined and eager to do things no matter how difficult. The man is very loyal and will follow his leader to the ends of the world as long as its making the world a better place. Sai is a man who loves to fight even its just for 2 seconds he doesn't care if its a spar or even a life or death situation, A fight is a fight and that is how Sai feels. Even when Sai is angry or sad he tries to makes the best out of every situation just so he can control himself and keep his cool, not to mention hes the envy of everyones conversation because of his upbeat attitude and weird personality. Sai enjoys company all the time and will do anything to have a good time with them and will do anything to keep the piece between him and his friends no matter what the price to pay it.

Defining Characteristics:Sai has a distinct voice that no one can match along with his hair and eyes Sai is 1 of a kind.
Specialties:His eagerness to get into battle

Human Arc:

Sai Saici Miyagi. His story is a common one but with a twist. Sai was born and raised in the United States. He was born at 4:50 a.m. on April 20th 1994. His father who is only known as " The Intrader" was a P.I (Private Investigator) and his mother, Faorn, was his secretary. To his parents, Sai was a miracle child. He was showered with gifts and technology that normal children could never get. By the time he was ten he already had over a million pounds sterling in his bank account. But on his 12th birthday his world changed forever.

It was 10:09pm and the night had a cold breeze to it. Sai was alone in his room with a girl when he heard a woman's scream. He rushed down the stairs to see his father heading for the door with shaky knees. When he shouted his fathers name his father did not respond. Instead he went through the door. Sai rushed to the door but was blocked by his mother. His mother said to him " You may not go after him. He has made his decision. We will go to Karakura Town in west tokyo." Baffled, Sai went to ask her more but all he remembers was hearing a thud and blacking out. When he woke up he was in a bed but not his own. he got up from the bed and looked out the window that was nearby. He remembered the place instantly. It was Karakura Town. His mother now works for a firm in karakura town and he has never heard from his father since. He still searches for him and reads old articles about how " The Intrader saves the man again".

Seven years passed. It seemed like those years flew by. Sai is now nineteen and still spoiled rich. He works at a restaurant named " Mokey Monkey House" part time as a waiter. He was hired by his friend's father who owns it. Sai is still in high school and he's somewhat popular as " The Intraders kid" but he tends to ignore these nicknames. He has 2 best friends named Aranta and another called Tatsu. Sai met these two three years ago. He was hanging out on the schools roof when he saw these two by the balcony. Aranta was on the ledge and Tatsu was sitting calmly 4 feet away from him. Sai walked up to them and asked " What are you two doing ?". Aranta only smiled and Tatsu just ignored the question. Confused, Sai smiled back at Aranta and took out his left hand from his pocket and left it out for a handshake between the two. But then something happend. Aranta Smirked and went to fall down from the ledge. Sai dashed to Aranta and used that same left hand to grab onto Aranta's right hand that was out. "Why save me? You don't even know me!". Sai grinned at him and said " Because. You're my friend! Both of you!". Tatsu got up from the words that were spoken and instantly came to Aranta and Sai's aid. After Sai and Tatsu helped Aranta up they sat down on the rooftop. And laughed. And thats how they became friends.

Sai has only had one girl-friend. And her name was Nana. Nana was the girl that was with Sai that night on his 12th birthday and saw what happened. When Sai called her the day he awoke, She had no memory of what happened that night or how she got back to her home. She was even more confused than Sai that day. Two years after that day, Sai and Nana met up at the Karakura airport. Nana had grown beautifully since Sai had seen her. She now had Long luscious Strawberry blonde hair and a face of a sculpted goddess. Her body was petite. They started to talk about how much has gone on, old friends, New friends, and that night. Sai still wanted Nana and the same for Nana. But there was a catch. Nana had a boy-friend. When Sai heard this. he cried deeply inside because he knew this would definitely be the last time he saw her.He felt crushed, like glass had pierced his heart and multiple nails digging deep through his chest. And yet he felt anger. But not at Nana. No not Nana. But his father. If it wasn't for him then Nana would be with him and not this other man. But all he could do was smile. After all, it was what he was best at. By the end of the day Nana had to leave for another flight because she had to go back to USA . Sai knew this was the last time he'll see Nana for a long time. So he kissed her goodbye. It was a long lasting kiss. Sweet and tender. No tension, No pressure. He knew this felt right. When they finally stopped, Nana had tears in her eyes because she knew as well. As she walked away, Sai couldn't help but wonder. " What if ?". Since that day,
Sai really hasn't dated since that day.As Sai began to walk around in anger about Nana he seen a fight happening.He walked up to 2 men fighting and he broke them apart.One of the men looked at Sai and pulled his bow and arrow out. As Sai began to run 3 shots were fired into his head killing him.

Soul Society Arc:

When this Shinigami was born, he was shunned for he was the cutest baby a mother can ever see, so Sai was thrown out of a poor Rokungai citizen's house because his prostitute mother was disgusted with that handsome baby because he looked like his father. But poor Sai was crying all day and all night. But Sai was darn lucky, he was founded by a traveling lesser nobleman who was looking for a concubine to take from Rokungai. That nobleman felt pity upon seeing such a disgusting baby being placed outside, so he took the baby and held it to his chest, and looked at it with a tender smile of sympathy, and threw it to the sewers cesspool so nobody ever has to ever look at such a handsome creature thing ever again. Sympathy was for people who happened to look at it.

That nobleman later on died from syphilis and gonorrhea.

So, a local hobo living the cesspools, equally as handsome as the baby, saw it, and decided to take it up, and felt pity as well for it. It was shunned by everyone for having a beautiful skin tone and handsome eyes and his hair was something of a gods. So, the Hobo opens his mouth and was about to eat a baby, only for a Shinigami patrol to come along and see a crazy nutjob about to eat a kid. Hunger was a sign of spiritual energy, which qualifies someone for being a Shinigami.

The Hobo was taken by the Shinigami patrol forcibly along with the baby, and was drafted into the Shinigami Academy. The baby was cared for in an orphanage because the Shinigami authorities thought it belonged to the hobo, so they reasoned that it had spiritual pressure that qualifies it as capable.

Years passed on as eventually, Sai was drafted into the Shinigami academy when he reached his biological teenagehood, and was trained in all Shinigami arts. Eventually he passed with a flying color despite having been in school for eight years, and went off to join a division like all other people.

The hobo attended Sai's graduation, sniffing a lot because he finally lost Sai, well, since he always wanted to eat him. Which was pretty much all of the sympathy. Though Sai doesn't look as anymore because he got a plastic surgery, and now looks better than ever, without ever making a girl faint anymore whenever they look at handsome face, now they simply get heart diseases , and would now better serve his division he had joined. Now biologically an adult.

The Hobo later on became a very accomplished member of 2nd Division's Omnitsukido, and even becoming a Commander of the Detention Corps before retiring with a lavish wealth in place, and establishing himself as a lesser nobleman with thousands of concubines, and all of his hunger needs catered to by servants.

That's what Sai wants to become, like the hobo, to be successful, and he will one day prove this! He will prove it, thinking that getting help from complete strangers and following them blindly would do it. What can anyone do anyways? He wasn't taught about how dirty people are outside there anyways, being a gullible person he is, unless they blatantly wanted to kill him. He isn't THAT gullible.

That's what Sai wants to become, like the hobo, to be successful, and he will one day prove this! He will prove it, thinking that getting help from complete strangers and following them blindly would do it. What can anyone do anyways? He wasn't taught about how dirty people are outside there anyways, being a gullible person he is, unless they blatantly wanted to kill him. He isn't THAT gullible. As time went on Sai grew in power and was selected by the Central 46 members to be captain of squad 6.

Rp Sample:

This was an RP i wrote out for someone. (Won't say his name)

It was a frosty morning that had winter all over it."You got to be kidding me!, where the hell did all this coldness come from?!"Thought the grey haired man walking through the streets of Karakura. Looking ahead he saw two people arguing. Man and a woman. Both had a light brown complexion and both had nasty voices that were too high. They were talking about how one should of put out the trash. The grey haired man looked at the pair while sighing to himself. He was finally close enough to hear them properly."I told you it was your day dammit!, Why must you ignore me? it's not that hard to do. You grab the bin, you tie it up AND YOU PUT IT IN THE TRASH CAN! SIMPLES!"Said the woman depressingly that even the grey haired man felt like he'd become depressed. " I DID, WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME!, I TOLD YOU I PUT IT OUT AND I DID!"Said the man with a cold tone to his voice. The grey haired man examined them closley. They looked normal. The man had a distinctive scar on his left cheek. Body was meduim built. His eyes were gray. But they looked dead. Souless. The woman was the same. Normal looking. Distinctive scar on her left cheek. Body was of meduim built. And her eyes were gray. The same as the man. Dead and souless. The grey haired man knew what this ment so he prepared a huge amount of air. He felt his chest rise and his lungs filling with air. He counted down. Five, Four, Three, Two, One." YOU BOTH ARE DEAD AND THERES NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE. I'M REALLY SORRY!!!"Exclaimed the Grey haired man. The man and woman stopped aruging. They looked stunned(probably for the first time)by what this man had done. So did the other passerbys. Some even stared at the Grey haired man like he had escaped a mental facility. But he didn't care. He was just doing what he did best. Breaking news to people.

The Grey haired man then continued walking like nothing happened."W-w-w-w-Wait! WHO ARE YOU!"Said the man. The Grey haired man continued walking and smiled half heartedly to himself."Aranta Tenika. . . Pleasure to meet you. Maybe we'll become great friends some day"Said the grey haired man loud enough for the man to hear him. And just as he, Aranta tenika said that, The sun shun upon him brightly.

It was around 7:45am when Aranta got to Mokey monkey house. Around the time he normally gets there when he has nothing better to do. He knocked the glass window infront of the resturrant three times gently, signaling that he was there. Aranta rubbed the right side of his cheek with his right hand and used his left hand to scratch his grey hair. Aranta stared amazingly at the resturrant. It still amazed him that he actually worked there. The door was made soley for this resturrant. It was a navy blue color with golden dragon patterns on each side. And at the bottom of the door, the dragon's tails would intwine themselves together. it was a marvolous site when you saw it. And then there was the glass. The glass windows throughout the resturrant were all double glazing which ment they were soundproof. They were also bulletproof with a tint of green if you looked real closley. Aranta yawned soundlessly, forgetting to put his hand over his mouth, he was all about manners."HURRY UP WILL YA!" Said Aranta tiredly. Clank.Shoush,Clank.Chetchet. A boy the same age as Aranta stood at the door with his right arm resting on the right side of his head and his left hand on the door frame. He was no more than 5ft6 and he looked pissed."Thought I told you to never come at this time ever again?" said the boy mockingly. "Thought I told you to this wasn't your place danny ?" said Aranta jokingly. Danny smiled at Aranta and went back inside, leaving the door open so that Aranta could come in. Aranta stared at the navy blue door again. It truley was a masterpeice.

"Jesus Aranta, you need to move on from that Nana girl!" said Danny. Aranta gulped hard at the name Nana but also he was lost for words when Danny said that. They were in the restaurant's kitchen washing up dishes. It was around 1 in the afternoon and it was already packed."ARANTA, HURRY UP AND DO YOUR JOB. WAITER ALREADY! said Dannys dad. He was a burly man and a person you'd never want to piss off. Aranta stopped washing up the dishes and moved on to another table, whilst blowing off the bubbles from washing up. He knew this Resturant like the back of his hand. Taking out the notepad and pen and went to the table that needed waited." Welcome to Mokey Monkey House, how may i take your order ?"Said Aranta with fake enthusiasm. "A coke and your special today."said the customer. Aranta looked closley at the customer. A man. Pale. Distracted. Nervous. All the symptoms of a man about to rob a place. Aranta sighed and put his left hand on his face. " Give up please, i know you have a gun in your pocket. Probably on the right side of your jacket. I will tell you now though, if you don't do what i say. . . You will be the one on the floor." said Aranta calmly and tiredly. The man smiled to himself and looked at Aranta like he had said something in polish. Then without warning the pale man got up and went to go in his right pocket. Aranta smiled to himself and dashed to the man and went behind him.The man was stunned by the speed on Aranta. Then Aranta put his hands around the mans waist and kicked deep into the mans left leg. The man screamed in agony, dropping the gun. Then with a sudden lift, Aranta had the man in the air by the waist. And then Thud. Aranta bent backwards and the man came crashing down head first on the floor, knocked out unconciouss. Aranta then removed his hands from the robbers waist and straightened himself back again. Claps and cheers erupted from the entire resturant. Aranta got a little red and just smiled to everyone. "It really was nothing. please you don't have to keep cheering and clapping" Insisted Aranta, yet they still clapped and cheered.

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The timeline has been deciding to be around 2008 to 2012. Being 200 years old, there shouldn't be guns yet. Fix that.
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Sai mutha fucka's
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