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 Hunter - King of Epicness

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PostSubject: Hunter - King of Epicness   Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:30 pm


Name: Daichi Kaze
Nickname(s): Dude and Hunter
Age: 2,560
Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male
Rank Cero Espada
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'1
Weight: Average

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Dark and handsome.
Appearance: Daichi has a sort of rugged appearance. He has pure black eyes which resemble the dark void in which Garganta uses travel in. He has short black hair, and has a scar which his hair covers. It is on the upper right of his forehead about two inches long directly pointing down to his right eye and is covered with some of his hair. His eyes are a bit small compared to the average person, but it is normal for an Asian. He has light brown skin and some might even call it yellow. He has a rather muscular figure, but not the epic body builder type. He wears his normal white pants and regular shoes, and wears a diver's watch branded Nike from the realm of the living on his right hand.

That is his formal attire however, if he wants to battle, he wears a different set of clothing. He wears a black leather coat, a black baggy shirt under it, black fingerless gloves, and regular baggy cargo pants colored in black. That is his battle attire and really his most favored attire, but he rarely ever uses his other attire unless for needed times. Or if his favorite set of clothing was still being washed by the Septima Espada.

His tattoo location is on his upper right arm. His hollow hole is where his heart should be and the remnants of his hollow mask is behind is ear shrouded by his hair. Daichi wears a plain white sleeveless shirt and wears his katana on his back with a black cloth going from his upper right chest to the left side of his waist. His katana's sheath is black and normal. Daichi's cero has a grey-ish color to it and his Bala has a dark blue color. His Gran Rey Cero's color is light blue close to cyan.
Introvert/Extrovert: Decide for yourself.
Hobbies: Killing
Likes and Dislikes:


Naked Girls
Girls with Food


Bitchy Girls

Personality: Daichi is considered to be a cold person, but makes many funny jokes while he isn't in a serious fight. Always looking like a fool, but when it comes a time he has to be serious, he seems like a heartless person. The young Espada sleeps most of the day or drinks. But he likes killing people very much, yet makes them work hard to deserve to be killed by his mighty sword or hand. Being an extremely smart person, he likes to think of the enemy's moves when fighting, but applies his knowledge in order to strike them down with one blow. Normally, people know him as a lazy pig, but is also known as a legendary fighter for he doesn't show any mercy when his closest comrades are in danger.

The Espada has a weird way of showing his emotions, for example, if he kicks you, it means you're a good fighter, but if he drinks with you and doesn't get unconscious after drinking a couple bottles of saki, then he hates you. The man is very difficult to understand, but he drinks with good reason. After remembering terrible memories of his past, both living and fighting, he drinks in order to forget. Hunter is very remorseful, but doesn't regret killing, but instead regrets his actions and replies. And despises his attitude.

Since a long time ago, he has regretted letting his sensei die in the Menos Forest, and regretted not killing the arrancar that killed his sensei. So, he drinks to the memory of his sensei, and washes his pain and anger on booze. The man is really a traditional man as well. He mostly doesn't believe in healing people or trying to save them when it's no use. Unless you can protect it from being injured, then he believes it is quite useless to help people near death. Many people believe that he is idiotic for thinking that, but he too thinks that this was stupid. Why do you think he would choose to do such a thing? He does because his old team when he was still alive believed in that. Though, of course keeping thinks natural doesn't mean he likes to keep his smell natural. He showers once a year (JK).

The young Espada also hates pitying people. He believes that he is disrespecting them by showing pity, by showing pity, he is basically throwing all there hopes and dreams into a trash can and burn it. If one were to show pity to Hunter or even the slightest sign of mercy, then they will be mercilessly killed by him. Another tradition that he follows when he was still alive, when training, when you make a mistake three times in a row, then you should either be demoted or slapped in the head, but if those mistakes are truly heinous, then they will be cut a bit. The old Espada may be considered cruel for following this cycle, but he believes in doing it in order to make them stronger. To prepare them for the harsh world that will come crashing down upon them.

This young or old arrancar also believes in modesty. He believes in order to truly win, one needs to be modest. Those cocky normally get killed is what he also thinks. Truly, he admits only one thing in battle, it's that he can swing his sword. Other than that, he doesn't admit in being strong, nor strong enough to be a seated officer in even the 4th division. Still, in times of great battle, he admits that he is able to wound both physically and psychologically. Not only is he modest in his physical ability, but also his intelligence.

Defining Characteristics: His epicness
Specialties: Photographic Memory
History/Background: Hunter was born in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. In those days, the Mongol Empire was 15 years away from starting. He fought with many people when he moved to China. He traveled around the world as a child, but still wanted to fight in an empire. Then, news spread when he was in Mongolia, about the Mongol Empire. The man joined the Mongol empire when he was about to turn 16. Then, he was sent on a mission with a team of 25 including himself. He was the 2nd in command of the team, but he thought the leader was a weakling. The leader seemed like a coward, and everyone in the team thought that. They were supposed to check out the borders of China and guard one outpost that just started in the outskirts of China. They traveled for a long time, fighting bandits, soldiers, and many others.

After a two long months, they finally arrived int he new outpost. With only 7 men in the team left, the rest were all dead including the leader, and buried around many parts of China. Then, they saw 5 guards outside of a small house that was the outpost. They were surprised that it was that small. Then thousands of flying arrows started shooting at them, immediately, 8 men were killed including the ones outside of the outpost and the ones in the team. they fought hard avoiding the arrows and trying to find the position of the enemy, but all attempts were put to waste. Finally, they all died. The outpost burned, and their bodies continually stabbed even after death. Soon enough, he found himself as a hollow in the Menos Forest.

Hunter has no memory of his past life or anything. He just felt like he appeared as a hollow in the forest. He only remembers being turned into a hollow. For years, he had wondered in the realm of the living and he had devoured many souls. Many shinigami tried to stop him, but they failed miserably against his strong abilities. Soon, he fought with other hollows in the Menos Forest. The forest was a very dark place then and they eventually formed one entity, one being, and Hunter was in control. His control over it was limited, but he spent a hundred years trying to gain full control.

Eventually, when he had gained control and was having difficulty not succumbing to the strength of an Adjuchas when one was trying to control him, he had transformed into an Adjuchas and killed the other one. After decades of dwelling within that dark place, he had arrived in the White Sand Desert. After a couple of years of fighting other Adjuchas that had crawled their way here and he met a strong Adjuchas. On the verge of becoming into an Adjuchas actually. Dude tried to defeat him, but he was utterly defeated. He made him call him Sensei and he followed him after that.

Into the depths of again Menos Forest. Fighting Adjuchas and many other creatures there. Finally, they witnessed an arrancar. A real live arrancar. It killed Sensei easily, but let Hunter live weirdly. Was he not good enough to be killed? After years, he became a Vasto Lorde, and he was transformed into an Arrancar by one of the Espada. He was the Fraccion of the Sexta Espada. A rather cruel and idiotic person, but when he saw the rest, he saw the man that killed Sensei. It wasn't like he wanted vengeance, but he just wanted to beat him.

In the end, he ended up becoming his Fraccion after countless years of trying and being defeated. It turns out he was the Segunda Espada. The Third strongest of all. Though he was actually as strong as the Primera, but he was the Segunda Espada. Hunter tried to defeat him for more years, but he just mocked him and kicked his ass with only his sheath and a Cero. Was there no way to defeating him? For a long time, Daichi was discouraged. Through his experience, Daichi has never tried this hard to beat someone, but he wanted to get stronger. So, he decided to defeat all of the Espada below this person and then he might be able to defeat him. The 9th Espada was easy and it didn't take much. The Eight Espada was harder, but nevertheless easy compared to the Segunda Espada. So was the Seventh, Sixth, Fifth, and finally Fourth. The Fourth was difficult to defeat. It took him a month to defeat him. The Tercera Espada who was the only girl Espada was quite hard and it took him two months.

After defeating her, he aimed for the Segunda Espada. It was a battle which lasted an entire week with little gaps of rest, and Daichi was revealed as the victor. Soon enough, they were going to attack the Soul Society. It was a dreadful battle which ended up as the death of many of the Arrancars. Daichi was the only one from the Espada to survive while the hollows and arrancars they brought with them fled. Returning to Hueco Mundo, he was injured greatly, and was healed by the Arrancars and was named Cero Espada. A new Beginning.
Role-play Sample: No worries. [/center]

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Posts : 200
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter - King of Epicness   Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:33 am

Cause Tada is lazy, I approve myself.
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Hunter - King of Epicness
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