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 Dellapero's ressurection

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Zane Hataro

Posts : 4
Join date : 2010-12-13

PostSubject: Dellapero's ressurection   Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:42 am

Resurrección Name: Jinbotsu

Release Phrase: Break the laws of this reality and unvail the power that lay dead in the sealed crypt of hell.

Animal Representation: Human

Family: Pure spiritual energy.

Sealed Resurrección:

Initial Release: Dellapero's ressurection state is rather odd compared to others. His actual appearance doesn't change much other then the small hollow-mask portion around his eye will vanish into nothingness giving him a fully humanoid appearance. Second, the feel of his spiritual pressure would change into a state unlike that of a normal arrancar. It becomes more relevant to that of a vizard in their full hollow state. Though there isn't much difference between a ressurected arrancar and a ful hollow vizard concerning spiritual energy, one with skilled pesquisa would be able to tell the minor change. Next, a wave of dark-red energy, matching the color of spilled blood wil slowly start to envelop his being, starting at the feet and slowly working upward until the entire body is covered in a 1 inch cloak of spiritual energy. The next and final stage of the transformation is that, from his shoulders, four arms of the same red energy will shoot upward for up to three feet with hands grown at the end of each vectors. The size of each eing about five times that of a basic human arm.

Ultimate Ability: Dellapero's main ability is the use of the vectors that grow out from his shoulders upon entering ressurection Each vector retains durability of equivilant power to the user's hierro and as such are able to be used to block certain attacks as a defencive measure or attack like extra limbs. Once a vector or multiple vectors are destroyed, they will reform with-in three posts after destruction. Each vector has it's own time, so if one were destroyed now and another the next post, the first would regenerate one post earlier then the second. The vectors are also able to use spiritual attacks just as the user, only they can use far more powerful versions of them. For example, the vectors have even been shown able to use bala at the level of an uncharged cero, which with the aspects of bala being a fast, but weak attack, would be pretty surprising to most. The vectors, lastly, are able to use multiple cero or bala at a time since there are four of them in total.
The sub, or secondary ability of the form is involving the cloak encasing Dellapero's being. The cloak does two things. One, it will roughly double the power of the user's hierro, second, when the user or the vectors, blocks, or dodges an energy technique such as certain kido and other cero, 20% of the dodged/blocked attack's energy will be absorbed to be used by the user at another time. This only works if the user is with-in five feet of the energy, so dodging with sonido would dis-able the effect.

Innate Ability: Dellapero, in his sealed state, is able to usehi .45 caliber pistol to concentrate the flow of his energy techniques such as cero and bala and fire them in a much more focused manner. This does reduce the size of the blast radius, but also allows quicker fire of cero at full power, and a increase in speed, power, and slightly in range. Giving a mathmatical approach to the raise and decrease, the gun would turn the user's energy techniques into the following.
0.3 x blast radius
1.5 x fire rate
2 x speed
2 x power
1.5 x range

Name: Trick Shot
Level: Both forms
Types: Offencive
Effect: This technique can only be used by the .45 caliber pistol and the vectors generated in ressurection. The user will create a normal cero like any other time, however, only a small fraction of the cero will be fired off with the first blast. It will also retain a extremely wide radius, unlike normal. The next second, the real power of the cero will be unleashed behind the far weaker decoy. The purpose of this is to trick the opponent into thinking the user is weak or to try and block the user's cero only to be hit the next second with a devastating blast.

Duration/Post Usage: 1 post duration
Preparation Posts: None
Cool Down: 4 posts
Charge: None

Name: Homing Barrage
Level: Ressurection
Types: Offencive
Effect: This can only be used after being in the same area as the target for ten posts. Once fully recognizing the target's spiritual pressure, the user can use the multiple vectors above them to unleash exactly 100 bala at the speed of 20 bala per second. ( One from each finger of each hand at a fire rate of 1 per second.) Each bala will then lock on to the target's spiritual energy and persue the target until they are destroyed or hit something. They are even able to track a target during sonido if they arn't of an advanced sonido/shunpo level. The bala, unlike his normal bala, are somewhat weaker, making them at the level of a normal advanced bala instead of their uncharged cero strength. This is due to the rapid fire effect and inabiliy to focus at so many points at once with such a fast fire rate.

Duration/Post Usage: 2 posts
Preparation Posts: None
Cool Down:6 posts
Charge: 1 post

( Ultimant)
Name: Gran Rey Oscuras
Level: Ressurection
Types: Offencive
Effect: Being Dellapero's ultimant technique, this can only be used once per topic. Using the vectors as well as his own blood, Dellapero will form a Cero Oscuras in the hands of all 5 vectors ( One oscuras, just they are all charging it.) while he will use a blood sacrifice, such as what is used for the gran rey cero, to make the oscuras even more powerful making this technique, by far, his finisher. The destructive power of the blast is enough to completely obliitterate himself if it were to hit him and the power from unleashing the cero will destroy all four vectors and leave the user highly fatigued for a period of time.

Duration/Post Usage: One post
Preparation Posts: None
Cool Down: Rest of the topic
Charge: 2 posts

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Zane Hataro

Posts : 4
Join date : 2010-12-13

PostSubject: Re: Dellapero's ressurection   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:36 pm

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The Jackal

Posts : 22
Join date : 2010-11-20

PostSubject: Re: Dellapero's ressurection   Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:37 am

1. Please add in the translation for the name of your Ress.

2. A written description for your sealed state is required.

3. Considering that you are not yet Vasto lorde level, I think you appearance is too humanoid. Maybe change it up a little to be more Adjuchas like?

4. Your ultimate ability is doing one too many things at once. Choose between Vectors that fire off Ceros and Balas. Or stronger Hiero that absorbs a percentage of energy based attacks.

5. For your innate ability, I don't like to crush dreams. But. I don't see me allowing you to use Cero and Balas that are doubled in power. Please place a usage and cool down on your Innate too.

Quote :
Name: Trick Shot
How devastating is the Cero that follows after?

Quote :
Homing Barrage
Again, I will humor you with this attack and not stomp all over your creativity. However, I am not liking these balas tracking others even when they use Shyunpo and so on. Not only that, but the technique doesn't have much to do with your Ress ability.

8. Maybe you ought to tone down your ultimate technique a little?

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PostSubject: Re: Dellapero's ressurection   

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Dellapero's ressurection
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