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 Shinigami Ranks

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PostSubject: Shinigami Ranks   Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:28 pm

The third division's members normally are in the realm of the living doing missions to eliminate hollows. They are the division called first when trouble occurs in the realm of the living and its shinigami are rarely ever in the Soul Society.
Jushiro Izanagi-----First DivisionThe members of this division are barely seen in combat in the manga. They are model shinigami and have been said that even its unseated members are as strong as a Lieutenant. The captain of the 1st division mostly decides the battle plans, gives orders given to him by Central 46, and is known for being the strongest shinigami in the Soul Society.
Yusutasu Modomo-Second DivisionThe second division is known for doing covert Ops and the majority of the 2nd division are filled with swift assassins. The captain of this division is also the leader of the deadly Onmitsukidō and this division is said to follow only its captain's orders
Reserved-----Third Division
----------Fourth Division The fourth Division has been given the name of being useless, but that is not correct. Its members use their reiatsu for healing purposes and are called immediately when someone is injured. Healing is their specialty and its captain is so skillful at healing that it has been said the captain can revive the dead at times, but who knows if it is true.
---------Fifth DivisionThe 5th Division is known for guarding the soul society. If someone attacks the Soul Society, they are immediately called to access the situation and its Captain is known for amazing skill in both kido and holds amazing swordsmanship skill. They are known for great abilities since the Captain teaches his members personally. They hold the reputation of the strongest division and one that trumps the 11th division.
Kutsu Hoyo-----Sixth DivisionThe members of this division are normally the ones who hold people in cells and move top class prisoners. They have knowledge of kido barriers and can easily trap a prisoner with a kido spell. This division specializes in stopping prisoners from escaping.
----------Seventh DivisionThe 7th Division is the messenger of all the divisions. Its members deliver S-class messages all over the place. They are also excellent spies and its members will do anything to accomplish a mission.
Kakesu JP-----Eighth DivisionThe 8th Division is known for transporting injured to the 4th division headquarters. They are also known for rescue missions such as a surrounded team of shinigami and have been able to stop hollows and rescue their comrades.
------Ninth DivisionThe 9th Division specializes in clean up duty and have cleaned up the mess of the other divisions and have erased evidence. They are also known for being especially skilled in erasing the memories of spiritually aware humans.
---------Tenth DivisionThe 10th Division are normally the division that handles the paperwork of the rest of the divisions just like the 13th Division. However, its Captain is skilled in all things and have been known to be the first one to head straight for danger.
-----------Eleventh DivisionThe 11th Division are known for their strength and brutality. Its members normally have melee type zanpakutous and are known for their strength in swordsmanship.
----------Twelfth DivisionThe 12th Division is the Science Division of all the Divisions. Its members are not known for their strength, but they are known for their intellect and great minds. The captain of this division is supposedly the smartest man in the Soul Society.
Kousoku Meishu----Thirteenth DivisionThe 13th Division handles Support and provide reinforcements, but are rarely called out for duty. Their specialty is doing paperwork and normally get dumped all the paper work if the 10th Division does not.

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Shinigami Ranks
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