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 Matanza, Masamune

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PostSubject: Matanza, Masamune   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:37 am

Resurrección Name: Masamune

Release Phrase: Matanza, Masamune (Slaughter, Masamune)

Animal Representation: None / Human

Family: None / Neutral

Sealed Resurrección: Methias' sealed Zanpaktou is infact not a sword at all. It is, however, a pair of identical golden claws, with a chain linking the two. There are four blades to each claw, measuring around twenty centimeters long. There are also golden chains wrapping up his arms, almost as if they're restraining him.

Initial Release:

Innate Ability: Sed de sangre (Bloodlust): Methias' innate ability is both simple and effective. Every injury taken or dealt in battle makes him become faster and stronger. His reaction times also increase. For every injury taken or caused, his attributes (Strength, speed, reactions etc.) are increased by 5%. (Up to a maximum of a 50% increase)

When Resurreccion is released, this ability changes slightly. It no longer increases his strength, but instead increases the amount of slashes he gets with his sword. For every injury dealt or taken, the amount of slashes made with one swing increases by one.

More Detail: Essentially, he starts off with one swing = one slash. For every injury, the amount of slashes increases by one. Example: If five injuries have been taken during the course of a fight, he then attacks with one swing = six slashes. Only the first swing is seen being made by Methias, the rest appear to come from nowhere. (Up to a maximum of One Swing = Eight Slashes)

Downside (Sealed): Firstly, Methias cannot release his Resurreccion until he has reached 125% (25% gained) power. As well as this, if he continued above 130% (30% gained) in his unreleased state, a huge pressure begins to build up in his body, making him take more damage from attacks.

Downside (Released): The more slashes he gains with one swing, the more mentally unstable he becomes. Once there are six or more slashes in a swing, he cannot differentiate friend from foe, and will attack anything that stands in the way of him and his target.

Ultimate Ability: Algunos lo llaman destino (Some would call it destiny): This ability can only be used during Resurreccion. Only usable once six attacks / slashes are made with each swing. Upon activation, Methias gains a boost in all aspects of 50% (Ie. All physical stats, and amount of slashes in one swing). After four posts, all the strength he has gained during the course of the fight is poured into a highly concentrated blast of Reiryoku. This blast shoots through Methias' body, as well as anyone in the nearby area. The obvious drawback to this technique is that Methias is immediately out for the count after the blast has occured, thus making this a technique that would only be used if his life depended on it. The blast is around one hundred meters in all directions. Can be triggered earlier if Methias is defeated during the time this is active.


Name: Letales Contador (Lethal Counter)
Level: Resurreccion
Types: Counter
Effect: This can only be used in Methias' released state. He places his sword pointing backwards, while he himself gets into a slightly crouched position. The sword then begins to glow white. If an opponent attacks him while in this pose, he disappears in a flash. Within that single moment he appears behind his opponent. During the split second he has disappeared for, he has made an attack on the opponent. Strength is increased by the amount of extra slashes per swing he has. The attack is incredibly hard to block and dodge, but is not unstoppable.

Duration/Post Usage: Spends one post in Counter Pose. If he isn't hit, then the cooldown is automatically activated.
Preparation Posts: None
Cool Down: Three Posts
Charge: None

Name: Uno con la Hoja (One with the Blade)
Level: Resurreccion
Types: Passive
Effect: This technique, although a passive ability, is something that could only be attained by true mastery of your chosen weapon. Once Methias' blade collides with an opponents, he immediately begins to gradually grow more lethal with his swordplay. The general idea is that the longer he spends fighting someone, the more he would understand their style of fighting, and thus allowing him to attack points of weakness easier. This is a gradual process.

Duration/Post Usage: -
Preparation Posts: -
Cool Down: -
Charge: -

Name: Regalo de la caótica (Gift of the Chaotic)
Level: Resurreccion
Types: Passive
Effect: This is another passive ability. Coating Methias' armor is several eye's, which he in fact uses to see through. This gives him a full three hundred and sixty degree's vision. Because of this, it allows him to instantly react to incoming attacks.

Duration/Post Usage: -
Preparation Posts: -
Cool Down: -
Charge: -

OOC: Moved Innate Ability to above Ultimate Ability, because it's pretty much needed to understand what's going on in most of the application... Much love <3
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Yusutasu Modomo

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PostSubject: Re: Matanza, Masamune   Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:13 pm

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Matanza, Masamune
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