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 Wandering on the road

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PostSubject: Wandering on the road   Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:31 pm

A man stood high on a roof. Above all of the people below. A new home? Maybe. For now, he only wanders around. The fact that he has a hell butterfly does nothing as he can not go o SS. The news reached him recently and he now knows of the problem that happened. It wasn't exactly not expected at all. A smile on his face to show his new home to be. A feint show of sadness in his eyes that didn't portray very well his true feelings but yet, he didn't care.

A soft murmur came from his lips as they parted slightly as he thought. What if people come looking for me. It's doubtful as I've been gone so long. So, maybe, I should just wander like I have been since that day. For now, it's a day that even I sort of hate. Maybe a new day will come and be better than before. His thoughts were vast about this subject but yet, he didn't care about the world around him. Even with this, however, he kept on his toes and ready to fight if needed. A soft voice came from his lips as they finished parting to speak.

"I wonder....if I can ever find love......for one like me, no one would care if I died. i don't care about the war and i think it's rather stupid actually. Maybe it wouldn't matter if I died. But, I want to find HER at all costs. Maybe I will, but probably not any time soon."
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Posts : 28
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering on the road   Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:48 pm

Drake felt bored again.
The sun was too hot.
There were too many mosquitos.
And he was getting the feeling that he should vent his frustration upon not meeting someone.
Sighing to himself the espada jumped off the house walking in midair opening a gargantua.
Walking through the figure disappeared.

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Wandering on the road
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