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 Upper Warehouse

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PostSubject: Upper Warehouse    Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:44 pm

Mugen sighed, it seemed that this place was over exaggerated, he didn't know what the hell to do in such a large, yet lonely place. The warehouse was usually used as a place for the vizards to hide, it was cloaked in a kido that he suspected that only other vizards could sense and see, but other then that there was nothing else to hold this place together. Being the only person in a place has a profound effect on people, he knew that this place was going to be rather boring if he was by himself, so he took out his zanpaktou focusing his mind into a link with Moretsuna to help to materialize him within his throughts while he was there. Concentrating he finally managed to bring out his zanpaktou within a few minutes. "Well its about damn time you answer my call Moretsuna.....seriously I've been here bored as hell and what do you do all day? Hmm?" Moretsuna looked confused and annoyed by the loud ranting voice of Mugen, he, however, knew the key to shutting him up.....a quick punch in the mouth. Mugen laid on the over turned couch he was knocked into by the punch he considered a 'cheap shot' by Moretsuna. "Now if you shut the hell up, I was wondering when you were going to do something about your situation." Moretsuna looked over into Mugen's direction, knowing full well that he was still conscious but just laying there.

The fact that he was an experiment by the Soul Society still never sat well with him, if he was an experiement then in that case he couldn't be the only one, but if thats the case then there were others some who may have gotten away and others who probably haven't. Perhaps it was only his will that was strong enough to over come his inner hollow, he sighed. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do Moretsuna, should i just go and get revenge on the soul reapers i was so determined to join? or should i live and let live....though i know i'm going to be constantly hunted by the very soul reapers i might decided to let live.....I don't know what to do really Moretsuna its all very hard to think about." He exhaled deeply and continued to lay on the floor without making any move to pick back up the over turned couch or even get himself up. Moretsuna sighed and shook his head, he placed his right hand on his forehead and his left hand held up his right arm at the elbow. He walked over to Mugen and sat down on the edge of the over turned couch. "Is it not the duty of the wise man to lead others into prosperity? Is guideance so far out of reach that one should quit attempting to search for it? You my friend must look for your own answers to your existence now." Moretsuna smirked and reached down and grabbed Mugen by the collar and pulled him up, then adding some pressure to the edge of the seat, he fixed it back to its original position. "Your get some rest, and I will do the same, when I wake....I will search for answers." With that, Moretsuna vanished and Mugen laid down for a nap to clear his head.
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PostSubject: Re: Upper Warehouse    Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:22 pm

Havoc woke up a bit later, he however continued to lay there with his eyes open staring at the ceiling, for some reason he felt as though he were about to reminice on what happened in the past, and just as he suspected it happened. Visions of the days leading up to the event that changed his life forever flashed before him, he could still hear he laughing voice and them talking carelessly and having fun. But in a mere moment he lost all of it to the soul society, they had taken what he cared for most and now he was stuck in a place where all he was given was a mask and problems. 'I guess you can't change the theres no use crying over what happened.....' He sat up, leaning over he placed his face into his hands and rubbed his face....with only his eyes visible he stared angrily into the space as memories flashed through his face, the betrayal he was dealt it called for one thing...revenge. However, he wouldn't go looking for trouble rather he would show no tolerance or mercy to those who would dare come into his sight. "Soul Society made I will eventually destroy the soul society."

Standing up Mugen stretched, reaching for his zanpaktou though it would be a bit easier for him to leave it he would still need easy access to it, but he was over looking the most vital fact. His zanpaktou was apart of him so he wouldn't need to carry something like that around everywhere he went, but rather he could just carry it within his soul and call upon it when it was needed. He shrugged and left the zanpaktou where it was, he then walked away stepping over boxes and other loose objects. "I guess I should go walk around in the city a bit, hiding my spiritual pressure would do me some good but it would be difficult for me to do so, eh oh well if they sense me then they sense me." Mugen smirked as he took a step off the upper part of the warehouse and used shun-po to exit the warehouse, he was heading for the city and he would see what he could do there for fun.

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Upper Warehouse
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