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 Mugen's Cero Training

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PostSubject: Mugen's Cero Training   Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:52 pm

Lvl 1 & 2: Gran Rey Cero Babe

In a world where everything was kill or die he knew that it was only natural for him to strive to obtain power, the power to defeat any foe that would present itself in front of him. He needed to be able to fight on par with those that would claim to be his master, he was in a war zone and he was a warrior. Though he was the only one of his kind that he knew of, he still wanted to learn more about what he was capable of doing. He wasn't quite sure about his abilities just yet but he knew that if he wanted to get ahead in this war he would need to master his hollowfication. Mugen was an old soul but he was still a strong willed and high spirited person, he was a enjoyable person even in this time and age of the world he could still make a laugh about almost anything. He sighed sitting on the large rock that was actually a mountain of hollow bodies, Mugen shrugged, there was nothing much else to use for training except for the numerous amounts of hollows that he could bring here, to Hueco Mundo. Though he wasn't one to travel here often, it was the only place he could train in peace without fear of being tracked down by an arrancar or a soul reaper. Though he wouldn't mind combating a shinigami or an arrancar, he's trying to keep a low profile until hes able to get more allies that he can trust. Being the first of his kind isn't an easy thing for him and this was going to be a long day, however, the first thing he needed was to learn his cero and get its strength up to par with other cero's used by menos grande and the arrancar. Mugen sighed as he stood up, his zanpaktou, Moretsuna arashi, was his only companion on this venture, yet even when he wanted to speak with him or just have a simple conversation, Moretsuna was silent and a stubborn bastard. Mugen jumped down from the mountain of hollow bodies and landed on the ground only disturbing a smal bit of sand in his landing. A sudden sound caught his attention, he wasn't a fan of killing so the hollows were still alive, and them being compacted as they were proved to do nothing but make his situation worse. The Hollows began to mold together, he took a step back as the spiritual pressure of the gathering began to increase. "Shit.......really? Of all times they had to do this now?!?" Mugen watched in awe as more and more hollows appeared out of nowhere, seemingly adding to the bunch, it was almost as if.....'They were drawn to it!' Mugen shook his head as hundreds of hollows dissappeared only to give way to a single menos grande.

Mugen looked up in a slight disgust, he just stood there and watched the grotesque formation of a menos grande he heard it was almost unbearable to watch, but it wasn't as bad as he thought but it was still fairly disturbing. "Well, looks like you've been eating your vegetables eh? Your a big'un aren't ya?" He sighed as he withdrew his zanpaktou and began to swirl it around his hands then stopped as he pointed it at the menos with his right hand grasped tightly around the blade, both his legs bent he held the blade outwards preparing to combat the menos. However, he was surprised to see that the Menos had other plans, his stance changed and he stood up as he watched the menos grande gather a cero. "So thats what its supposed to look like?......not much to look at I tell you but oh well....gotta try something I guess....I WON'T JUST STAND HERE AND NOT HAVE A CERO AND BEAR THIS CURSE!!" He prepared himself, watching the gathering cero being used by the newly formed menos. Then, the cero fired off, he was quick to shunpo himself away in time to avoid being hit by the blast. Though just simply observing wasn't something he was too used to, he still watched and watched as the menos fired off two more ceros as he dodged one after the other. "So its a compressed amount of reitsu and emotion....i think, he's gathering it into a single focal point then unleashing it......seems complicated but do-able." Mugen focused and gathered as much spiritual pressure as he could, grasping it within his hands, he had to stop and hide behind a rock as he attempted to gather it. He felt a slight tug as he focused it, however he wouldn't have enough time to continue his training, the menos found him and shot another cero but this time Mugen didn't have enough time to dodge. 'Shit!' He raised his zanpaktou up to block what he could but still took the brunt of the damage, the shockwave sent him flying backwards. He was bruised and battered but still in one peice, quickly gathering his composure he flipped and skid across the ground digging his sword into the ground to stop the momentum. He finally stopped after a moment and immediately began to retry the experiement, he focused and clentched his left hand into a fist infront of his face. Focusing his reitsu into his hand at a single focal point was difficult but he was starting to get it bit by bit, he managed to gather a visible amount of reitsu before he was forced to shun-po away from the scene to another location. "Shit, this is so not going to be as easy as I hoped for...."

Mugen was stuck in a tight spot, as he tried to restort to training by mimicing a menos he also had to continuously study the menos' attacks and gather a bit more information on how to make this in the slightest bit easier on himself. The fight was dragging on and it was threatening to become a tiring endevour. "Fuck this shit! I might as well kill this bastard right now rather than be its damn punching bag, play toy!" He had ran out of hiding places and now he was tired of running, Mugen cursed under his breath and began his assault against the menos grande. Using his flash step he quickly moved from one position to another as he continuously grew closer and closer to the hollow, as he was in range he performed a final shun-po and appeared above the menos and slashed down with his blade, managing to cut into the mask of the menos but not doing a significant amount of damage. He moved quickly as the hand of the monster swooped by in an attempt to bat him out the way, he moved back a good distance. "Damn this isn't going to be easy without oh well then i guess....." Mugen gathered his reitsu, his stance widened as he held his zanpaktou behind him over his shoulder, a blue aura outlined him, his spiritual pressure increased. "BREATH YOUR POWER INTO THE WORLD! MORETSUNA ARASHI!!!" In a gust of smoke the pressure around him changed. "Sorry to do this to you......but oh well right?" Mugen held up his released zanpaktou, its shikai form was astounding, or atleast to him it was. He smirked as he held the slightly large Moretsuna Arashi, he stood there as wind gathered around him, High Pressure......He waved his blade multiple times in a rapid succession, sending condensed waves of wind at the menos, slicing through it at certain points. Stunned, the menos backed up some, then after regaining its composure, the menos fired off another cero, however it only met with a swift dodge of its slow attack. Mugen appeared above it, falling down spinning rapidly in a tucked position, ending the attack with a swift and powerful axe leg drop onto its face, cracking its mask in various areas ending with sending the menos to the ground. "Now you little bastard lets see how you enjoy having a cero shot at you!" Mugen placed his hand in front of his face, gathering reitsu he charged it, small flickers of reitsu could be seen being gathered to his left palm. Beginning to laugh, Mugen then thrust his left hand towards the menos, the cero now growing as he concentrated and gathered more reitsu in the small ball of energy. "Now..........recieve this blessing!" In a bright purple blast and a sonic burst of sound, the cero ripped through the menos and caused an almost nuclear looking ball of residue and after blast reitsu. There was nothing left of the menos after that, he knew that he had successfully recieved a cero and now he was happier than he had been in awhile. In celebration he quickly went to his hands and performed a windmill and jumped back up with joy.
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PostSubject: Re: Mugen's Cero Training   Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:53 pm

No matter what it seemed that he couldn't get his own juices flowing, it started to disturb him as he didn't know what was going on, there was something off, something that wasn't right but he couldn't tell what it was that was different. His face expressed an emotion of shock, he didn't really know the exact spiritual pressure but he knew what it belonged arrancar. He looked around and yet there was nothing, it was then that he managed to look up to see a garganta openning up above him. It couldn't be, there was no way that they could be able to be here at a moment like this! Why was this happening? To his amazement there wasn't one but two arrancar stepping out of the garganta, though they weren't too large of a spiritual pressure, they were still pretty strong by the feel and looks of it. "This is where i felt that spiritual pressure, i'm sure it was a gathering of hollows and then the transformation of them into a menos. I don't know what we weren't able to sense this earlier, the gathering of so many hollows to make a menos grande isn't something that happens unnoticed." The first arrancar was a small one, not too small but rather an average size of a teen, however the second one was incredibly fat, it seemd as though he ate an enoumous meal and that he was still digesting the first mouthful! "I don't see or sense any hollows around her Noriimora.....but theres something else! I think its a shinigami!" They both looked around and only then looked down to see the expression on Mugen's face, which had changed once he got a chance to see them and to hear their voices. He really couldn't help but have a slight smile on his face, he knew deep down that he should be able to take both of these arrancar. "Yo" Mugen only had to say one word before the two arrancar were already prepared for a fight, he could only smile and shrug. "Well, in that case sure lets fight! Hell, I hadn't really counted on fighting you two but to merely go on about my own way...but now, you've inspired my creative juices to flow over those bodies of yours! You will make perfect training tools!" Mugen smirked as his insults and taunts obviously affected the two, the smaller one obviously being the more hot headed of the two. He didn't even change his stance when the arrancar attack, brandishing his weapon, Mugen simpled turned his left hand's palm towards the arrancar and proceeded to make a flicking motion towards the unsuspecting arrancar. A condensed ball of air and reitsu smacked the arrancar hard in the face, sending him flying into the air, where shortly after Mugen was seen there ready as he striked down, swiping his blade into the stomach of the arrancar and knocking him back into the ground. He was sincerely amused, especially when the larger arrancar used a sonido to get behind him, hands cuffed together he attemped to bring them down onto Mugen's head, who merely responded with a "tsk tsk." Without moving he used his technique, Low Pressure to slow and weaken the attack by the arrancar, and with a weaker attack Mugen simply raised his zanpaktou to block the attack, then clentching his left hand he chopped the heavy set arrancar in the ribs using his wind enhanced strike to do extra damage to send him flying. He flew a fair distance until Mugen used a shun-po to meet up with him and spin around landing a kick into the fat arrancar's stomach, knocking him further away and eventually into the perpetual sands of Hueco Mundo. The smaller Arrancar seemed to be ready for battle once more only brandishing a slight scar from the attack by Mugen, who seemed intruiged by the arrancar's persistance. "Mortia! Don't hold back.....take him down!" Mugen wouldn't give them that chance, he focused, on the larger one, appearing before it in a flash. The look on Mortia's face showed pure fear, the spiritual pressure was unlike anything he had ever seen in a shinigami or human, it was true as he was more than both, a vizard. "Scary aint it? Oh yea....It's death dealing time." His hand went straight through the arrancar's chest, he smirked as he flicked his finger infront of the arrancar's face, sending a powerful ball of air into his face and knocking the arrancar far off his arm, the bloodied arm of Mugen then straighened up as he charged a cero, then fired it off, killing the poor arrancar.

The other arrancar looked shocked and horrified at the outcome of what had just happened, a tear fell down his face, not for his fallen comrade but for the obvious death that awaited him. Noriimora knew that it was time, he released his sword and performed his ressurection. "Doragon Noriimora!" The serpintine body of the newly released arrancar caught Mugen's fancy, he smirked a smiled smile. "Do you have an eye for art my good sir?" Mugen spoke in a mocking voice similar to what one would think an aristocrate would speak like. This mocking of his potential in such a manner caused Noriimora to lose his cool and react in an extremely violent manner. He opened his mouth revealing a snake like inner mouth, he charged a fairly large cero, this made Mugen smile, he raised his fist and formed a open palm, he focused his cero. "Well, I'll take that for a no? tsk tsk tsk shame actually.......oh well, lets let the slaughter begin shall we?!" He smirked as he swung his blade at the serpentine Noriimora, the blade released a blade gust of wind at him, which inturn caused noriima to release his cero. 'Too early!' he smirked as he released his cero, which seemed to morph into the shape of a hungering skull attemption to bite down upon Norrimora, who looked increasingly shocked. "CERO....! Gran Rey Cero!!" The intense Cero slammed down upon Norrimora, completely discentigrating him. Mugen sighed, he shed his mask away and returned his zanpaktou to its original form. "Thank you both for allowing me to evolve my abilities.......your deaths shall not be in vein." With those words being said, Mugen opened up a garganta and disappeared within it.

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Mugen's Cero Training
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