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     H and H vs. Psycho

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    PostSubject: H and H vs. Psycho    Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:42 pm

    It was a regular day in the White Sand Desert. Dreary mostly. It gave of a nice feeling to some of the new residents of the desert, but to the ones that have lived their for over a hundred years, it was sickening. Though, Daichi did like the good life there with the Shinigami not daring to attack and they merely continued doing their lame job killing small fry hollows. If they were really strong, they would do a gutsy yet rather stupid move like attack Hueco Mundo. Unfortunately, attacks like that never went as planned. It always failed or something like that. A small bumpy line appeared in the middle of air. Soon, it appeared as teeth and it opened with an awful noise. Jumping out of it and landed on the soft sand as Dude sank into the sand until it went to his ankles. Jumping again and landing on a boulder, he felt hot. After being used to the climate of Antarctica, it was so hot here. He felt like he was burning.

    Ripping off his shirt, it reminded him of the coffee burn on his awesome tongue. Sighing, he started walking gracefully on the hard parts of the sand and didn't sink totally. He really needed to do something else. Making a mental note to have some of the lowly Arrancars install an air conditioning system, he continued his handsome stride through the desert sweating so much that he left a wet trail behind him as he walked awesomely. Maybe visit the Menos Forest? In the old days, that place was fun. Filled with lost Shinigami which lurked through out the den of hollows in which Daichi toyed with. It wasn't like him to have so much free time, I mean... He only has two days off, and it wasn't like when he was a Fraccion. That was true. He wasn't treated like shit, but was feared. Only Shinigami were foolish or ignorant enough to treat him like that.

    He enjoyed the good days trying to fight a lot of them shinigami in the realm of the living, but they never sent any Lieutenants or Captains anymore. That was truly boring. Raising the reiatsu which he restrained and causing the sand to form a whole around him for a couple of seconds until he reverted it back to its normal restrained way. Whistling like a jackass since he recently learned the technique to whistle.

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    PostSubject: Re: H and H vs. Psycho    Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:13 pm

    "A Duet? I like the sound of that....mmmhahahahahaha I really like the sound of it!" Mugen smirked as he began to whistle along with the stranger, walking from a distance it was strange that his voice carried so well, but he didn't mind the fact that it carried, it was more often than not one of his most defining abilities. He smirked as he looked at the arrancar that stood on the sand with no shirt on, or rather it seemed as though it were in tatters on the ground besides him. 'Oh my.......I guess he's feeling a bit hulkish? if thats even a word I don't really know but asked do I care....I respond heck no!' he couldn't help but keep a smile on his face as he often amused himself. Mugen sighed, there really wasn't much to do around here other than having a few lame battles with arrancar that seemed strong enough to put up a fairly decent fight, and the only reason he was even in Hueco Mundo was because he was bored in the world of the living, the lack of arrancar attacks worried him and he thought that maybe they were too afraid to attack, after all their recorded in successful ventures into the realm of the living is mighty poor if one had to know. But that was neither here nor there and he didn't mind over looking the fact that there was a lame arrancar within his view, and judging by the spiritual pressure emitted by this guy, he was no lame duck thats for sure. "Hmmm, keep whistling! lemme spit this flow! Mugen on the mic! Havoc is my game, don't think yourself insane because its also my name! This guys presence is so strong I double thought my steps and thought each was wrong! But I'm no punk don't take me for a fool, you try to flunk me I'll take your ass back to school.......word." He held a serious face and a funky pose after awhile, but then he let that fade into a smile and a laugh.

    He looked down to the arrancar, his eyes now focused a bit more sternly and serious. "What? No sense of humor, eh arrancar? I guess its too be expected, I'd have a low sense of humor too if I were trapped in this depressing world.....hell i'd rather be in.....soul society than here! hahahahahahaha" He laughed an obviously sarcastic laugh then reverted back to his normal face. "Seriously though, are you going to stand there or can we fight like real warriors?.......Because..." Mugen then started to rotate his shoulders as though he were stretching. ".....I didn't get enough exercise from the small fry i keep finding around here.....If I don't get to dance soon, I'm gonna lose my mind! seriously!" He withdrew his zanpaktou and spun it in his right hand, he then continued to whistle as he began to snap his left-hand fingers. Halting, or rather taking a break on spinning his sword he gripped it a bit tight with his hand slightly higher up on the hilt than usual for most swordsmen. He took a few steps forward, walking on the air a slightly distance position away from the arrancar, although he was a bit arrogant he wasn't stupid, being too close to a person like this would spell bad business choice for him. He carefully monitored the arrancar as he continued his stroll a bit closer to him, steadily he sunk closer to the ground until he was walking on the sand.
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    PostSubject: Re: H and H vs. Psycho    Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:57 pm

    Somehow, the hottest of all of the Bounto appeared in the White Sand Desert. He had no idea how did this happen, nor why was he here. But, that didn't stop him in his tracks, he decided to have fun now that he was there. Looking around, he spotted an Arrancar and some other unimportant fellow walking and whistling. That seemed quite boring, so the Bounto decided to take this opportunity to have some fun. He was already in his fusion form, so the battle could start. "Oii, come and get me bitches, I dare ya."
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    PostSubject: Re: H and H vs. Psycho    

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    H and H vs. Psycho
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