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 Tanzen - Done

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Father Anderson


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PostSubject: Tanzen - Done   Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:26 am

Name: Tanzen Luft [Jap. Butou Kaze, Eng. Dancing Wind]
Level: Core Form, since I am a Legendary Bounto.
Family: Wind

Medium: The item used for the summoning of Tanzen is the jacket which the psycho Bounto has on him all the time. Due to the fact that his Doll in its sealed form is this jacket, he will never abandon it or take it off.

Summoning Phrase: Scheibe Tanzen Luft [Jap. Kire Butou Kaze, Eng. Slice Dancing Wind]

Manifestation Type: Fusion
Manifestation Description:
To activate and summon his Doll, the activation phrase is not needed actually. Upon activation, without the use of the summoning phrase, on the back of the coat the kanji symbol for Wind will appear. At the same time, this symbol will also appear on the pants of Psycho, a little above one of his knees. Since Tanzen is a Fusion type Doll, the coat will be sticked to the user with reiatsu and it will be impossible to separate the two. Although, noticing that the two have been connected together will be quite hard, since the sleeves of the coat are sticked to the arms of the Bounto. The rest of the coat moves freely. The pants of the Bounto also become a part of the Doll and they are they get connected to the user as well, same method.

Even though they are fused together, Tanzen has a personality of its own. Often he likes to talk with his master and give him useful advices on some things, sometimes even crossing the line. Unlike the psycho Bount, Tanzen seems to be a kind and merciful Doll. He is also quite obedient, listening to his master no matter what, even doing things which he does not want. When fighting Psycho, the foe should take Tanzen into consideration, since at some points he likes to release a small gust of wind from any part of himself to move his master out of the way of an attack. But, he will only do this if commanded by the Bounto.

The ability of Tanzen is Wind manipulation, to some extent. Air is absorbed through the fibers of the coat, and then ran trough it, coating the arms and the legs of the Bounto. Upon the release of the Doll, the pants of the Bounto also absorb the air and they allow the user to expel it so the user gains the ability to fly without having to create platforms of reishi to stand on air. This ability allows the user only to manipulate the air around him at a short range, with the maximum being five meters from the user. Also, without techniques, he is only allowed to coat his arms and legs with air mixed with his reiatsu. With wind coating his limbs, he is able to further manipulate it by creating different objects and shapes. He can make swords, shields, spears, etc. But, this objects and shapes which he creates cannot be separated from him. Their power and usefulness depends on the user and the foe, more reiatsu it is used, stronger they get. By focusing reiatsu at one spot, Psycho can make his weapons gain piercing effects.

Core Form Description:
The core form of Tanzen is the sword on the picture above. In order to activate the Core From of his Doll, Psycho just calls it using a different name "Tanzen Luft Ritter", which is translated as Dancing Wind Knight. When he speaks out that name, from the right sleeve of the coat, a handle of a sword falls out into the grasp of the Bounto. When the hands of the man grasp the handle. reishi particles suddenly gather forming the sword. This sword glows with a light green light and it can easily be mistaken as a Seele Schneider. Though, this two weapons have some similarities, but it is certain that Tanzen cannot absorb reishi from its victims. The thing which makes them similar is the fact that Tanzen sword is a mixture of Psychos reiatsu and reishi particles from the air, which is constantly revolving around 3,000,000 times per second [same as Seele Schneider], functioning like a chainsaw.

Core Form Ability:
The ability of Tanzen in this form is the same as the ability of the Fusion Form, since the coat still stays as a part of the set. The only difference in the appearance between the primary release and the Core form is the fact that now Psycho has a sword like weapon which can be used to cut foes. While, there is something new when it comes to abilities. When making a swipe with his sword, Psycho can release some of his reiatsu to send a wave of wind at the target. This wave of wind travels 10 m/s and it has the size of a regular Balla missile. It has somewhat cutting power, cuts anything which is not hard as steel. But, when it cuts trough one object, it vanishes, so it can not go trough multiple targets. Also, the the limit on how much this waves can be released is same as the limit for Bala. Since Psycho is a Legendary, he can send seven of these before a one turn cool down.

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Father Anderson


Posts : 23
Join date : 2010-11-30
Age : 28
Location : Messing up the world of teh Humanz.

PostSubject: Re: Tanzen - Done   Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:08 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tanzen - Done   Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:19 am

I like it. Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Tanzen - Done   

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Tanzen - Done
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