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PostSubject: ALL MEMBERS MUST READ THIS!   Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:13 am

Now, I know what you are wondering. What is Eminence & Forte? I shall tell you. It is the skills/abilities/or masteries that your character may possess. For elite characters, one can have 3 consisting of one mastery, one expertise, and one enhanced or something else. For non-elite, one can have 2 and it be expertise and one something else.

Here are the list of Masteries and the power it allows.

Master Swordsmanship: Master Swordsmen are the skilled swordsman and it is said that if they slash with their sword, the air pressure alone from the slash will cut you. That is true. The air pressure would be two inches long at maximum and they can block attacks from mid-shunpo. Like how Kurosaki Ichigo was able to block an attack from Kuchiki Byakuya when he used shunpo. The only problem is you need to see the shunpo/hirenkyaku/sonido in order to block it.

Cero Master: This is only for Arrancar. The ones with the mastery over Cero can fire off 5 Cero using less-reiatsu and with no cool down. Not only that, while in the past it has been shown that it takes a bit of time to fire off a cero, they can fire it immediately even in close-range without warning whatsoever.

Hakuda Master: The warriors who use their body as a weapon. It allows the person brute strength and can overwhelm larger and seemingly stronger opponents. The masters of Hakuda are able to learn the deadly Ikkotsu which was seen being used by the Captain commander and it was able to destroy Wonderweiss' abdomen. Sokutsu, one of the deadliest of all is twice as strong as Ikkotsu and it completely destroys an opponent. Even a master at Hakuda cannot accomplish this skill so easily. However, they are the only ones who can learn the art of Sokatsu. Only Shinigami however can learn Ikkotsu and obviously Sokatsu.

In order to achieve Ikkotsu, one must write 2.5k words for the technique and spend 50 points for it. It can only be used three times before a one post cool down. Gradually, as you continue to use it the cool down increases a post.

In order to achieve Sokatsu, you of course must know Ikkotsu the parent technique first. Then you need 75 points and you must write a 7k training. It can only be used once every three posts.

Master Assassin: The master assassins are said to be deadly silent and are without the doubt masters of shunpo/sonido/hirenkyaku, but if they cannot use them, they are still exceptionally fast. They are also flexible and can easily dodge, jump, or bend to avoid an attack. They have great agility being able to do such things. They are the masters of the afterimage technique. They are capable of creating 15 tangible after-images.

Master Strategist: The master strategists are people who are capable of planning ahead and analyzing other's abilities quickly and come up with the weakness depending on the release of the ability and the power it possesses. For example, the way Urahara Kisuke managed to find a way to cancel out Yammy's Bala.

Master Kido Specialist: People who have this mastery know all the kido and have knowledge of the forbidden and unnamed kido. Not only that, they are the only ones who know about Shunko and have the ability to master it completely. Hanki is child's play for them. The ones with this mastery are able to use Garganta.


Shunpo/Sonido/Hirenkyaku Expert: The ones with the expertise of this are the only ones beside the ones with the mastery of assassin who can follow shunpo/sonido/hirenkyaku with their eyes. They are also capable of the after-image technique, but can only make one tangible after image.

Hakuda Expert: The experts in Hakuda are also known for their strength. They are able to defend themselves with their bare-hands alone as well, however not as good as a Hakuda Master, they can easily crush a boulder with their fist if they wanted to. They are capable of learning Ikkotsu themselves.

Bala Fiend: The ones with the expertise of Bala Fiend are able to fire Bala 20 times straight. The one with the expertise of Bala Fiend has two different versions of it. One has more of a concussive blast or effect like that of Yammy and another one can shoot holes into people.

Strategy Expert: The one with this expertise can come up with quick plans and can figure out solutions to puzzling abilities like the Master Strategist. However, they cannot exactly find out the weakness of an ability immediately. They need to see it in action a few more times before figuring out the weakness, but they can easily find out the ability after seeing it being used and even know how much reiatsu it takes up for an opponent to use.

Skills and Physical Enhances

Enhanced Durability: The ones with Enhanced Durability have been shown to sustain injuries easily and come out finer than the expected outcome. Such as Urahara Kisuke when Hiyori kicks him in his private parts, he shows no visible signs of hurt at all and even shows Hiyori being the one hurt. The 8th Division Captain has also demonstrated enhanced durability being able to take a cero from the 1st Espada without any visible signs of damage.

Enhanced Speed: It has been shown that the ones with this are exceptionally fast and quick able to jump from building to building and dodge attacks easily. It has been shown that Yachiru was able to go to Sokyoku Hill beating everyone that came her way and still be the first one there and she seems to be quick enough to jump from building to building herself in the fight with Kenpachi Zaraki and Kurosaki Ichigo.

Enhanced Strength: Urahara Kisuke has demonstrated his enhanced strength when he blocked a man twice his size with his bare hand when the said man's hand was larger than his hand and he was able to throw him off balance. Yachiru also comes as an example here being able to lift Kenpachi Zaraki when he was unconscious and jump from building to building even though he was definitely twice her size and five times heavier.

Enhanced Stamina: The ones with this are able to easily fight for a page without having the need to rest for a post or anything. These ones are able to do tiresome things for regular people with ease and are able to go on for quite awhile longer than others.

Enhanced Reflexes: The person that has Enhanced Reflexes can hear slight changes, see differences, and even sense the air pressure change. For example, they can quickly get out of the way if they are about to be cut by a blade sensed by the air pressure from the slash of the blade.

Keen Intellect/Concentration: It takes concentration to use kido and as such people with this are able to master kido easily up to 90. They are also able to invent things which would seem to be incomprehensible to others.

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PostSubject: Re: ALL MEMBERS MUST READ THIS!   Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:25 am

[ The masteries and rules of this are going into consideration by the administrators. ]

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