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     Bounto Psychopat - Finito

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    PostSubject: Bounto Psychopat - Finito   Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:48 pm


    Name: Unknown
    Nickname(s): Psycho
    Age: Unknown
    Visual Age: Twenties - Thirties

    Gender: Male
    Rank: Legendary Bounto
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Height: 1.87 meters
    Weight: 78 kg

    Body Frame: Medium
    Blood Type: O-
    Sound of Voice:Takashi Komuro, voice actor Junichi Suwabe
    Introvert/Extrovert: Sometimes he is extrovert, sometimes he is introvert. It all depends on the situation.
    - Chilling
    - Devouring souls
    - Plotting
    - Looking awesome

    Likes and Dislikes:
    - Killing
    - Having fun by doing whatever he wants
    - Gaining more power
    - Killing his own brethren to get power
    - Serving someone strong

    - Shinigami
    - Quincy
    - Normal people
    - Those who wish to harm him
    - Weaklings

    This is the easy part, just by looking at his nickname, you can figure out what kind of a person this Bount is. Behind that insanely handsome face, a man with no sense of right and wrong is hidden. He is a seemingly psychotic and manipulative person, with a twisted mind and his own weird sense of logic. Nobody, just nobody, could ever decipher what is he thinking or what does he plan to do. Even the most smartest and keenest person could never realize what this man is capable of doing. He is a highly unpredictable person, with clear goals and a destiny in front of him. This Bounto realizes what is he capable of doing and what are his limits. In every situation he uses his intellect to select the best course of actions from which he will earn something valuable, whatever that may be. He is always concerned about himself and only himself, nobody else, not even the people who at that moment he calls teammates. Indeed, he does not care about others, even if they get killed right in front of him and even if they are his allies. Even if he finds someone strong enough who he could serve, this Bounto will always think about his own gain and his own ideals, pretending to care about his master. He is a self-centered and egotistic man. Unless something quite unimaginable happens, or if he sees something that he counts as quite unimaginable, he will never change.

    Defining Characteristics: I don't know where to start, so I wont. Everything about him is defining.
    Specialties: Making himself seem like a normal human.
    Like any other Bounto, Psycho was born as an experiment. But, he was give false memories which made him think that he was actually a regular human. According to this memories, he was:

    Psycho was born in a small village, in Italy. His village was very small, and it was surrounded by tall mountains, and large rivers. All people in that village were pour, and most of them had no food, or water. The village was ruled by a fat government official. He kept all food and money for himself, not giving anything to the villagers, and their families. His parents were pour farmers, who served that fat man, and lived in dirt. Their house was small, and they had enough supplies, just barely to survive. After some time, the government official who ruled the land decided to make his own personal army. But, he knew that nobody from that village was strong enough to become a soldier, or ready to help him. So, he decided to do something else. Knowing how the place was filled with little kids, he decided to take all of them, and raise them as his personal soldiers. For that, he had a couple of older knights who worked for him. They were once royal knights in the Vatican, but now they were outcasts. Those two would do anything for a good pay, so that would explain why were they working for him. The attack was set up to happen over the night, while everyone was sleeping. During that night, the young Psycho was somewhat 7 years old, sleeping with his parents. While his gentle blue eyes were closed, an explosion occurred in the near by area, waking up everyone in the village. When his parents heard this, the quickly woke up, dressing up themselves and their child.

    At the moment, they were only thinking about the safety of their son, not concerning about their lives. Psycho was their priority, so they quickly dressed him up, placing him in his chair so they could tell him something. After a few minutes, the whole family came trough the door of their hose, running towards the forest. As they were running, they could see people being attacked by the forces of the government official, they were everywhere. Knowing that they did not have a chance to escape, the parents of the young Psycho sent their soon alone into the woods, with the instructions where to go. At that time, they stayed behind, stopping the bad guys to get near their soon. Without taking any seconds to look back, Psycho entered the forest, disappearing out of sight. After leaving the village, the young boy thought that his parents were dead, killed in the attack. Even so, he still hoped that they were still alive, even though that was not possible. The instructions given to the young boy were about an old house in the mountains, and how to reach it. According to his parents, this was the place where his parents lived with his grandparents, a long time ago. Maybe they were still alive, so he hoped to find them and live there from now on. But, the reality was quite different. After reaching that house, he found the house empty, with nobody there. No food, no water, only clothes and some strange looking swords. According to his parents, his grandfather used to be a knight of the French Empire, and those were his swords. That was the moment when he decided to become a knight as well. But, first he needed to train.

    During the time after the death of his parents, the young Psycho was crushed by this tragic. He used to think how his life was quite perfect. But now, he was thinking will he even survive the night. The nights at that land were so cold and scary. For a young boy like himself, living in a dark and empty house, alone, it was quite frightening. He hopped that all of it was some kind of dream and that he will wake up soon, so he could hug his parents and other people who he knew from the village. But, nothing was happening, he was not waking up. To survive in this harsh times, the young Psycho had to hunt for food and search the land for water. The soldiers took all food and water from the village, leaving him nothing. He could not rely on anyone except himself, that was a fact which he made his mot at moments like this. Even so, Psycho still hopped to find someone out there, just so he could have someone to talk with. Eventually, he started forgetting how to say some words, even the ability of speech was leaving him. Noticing this, Psycho got an idea how to prevent this. By using a knife which he found in the former house of his parents, the young boy made a dummy out of the woods and clothes which he found. After it was finished, he started talking to it, just so he could remember how to do it. With that problem solved, the young man only had one more problem to solve. That was, getting food and water supply. At first he thought how he should get food by picking berries and mushrooms from the forest. But then, when he started that, the young boy remembered how some of this plants were dangerous. Some of them were poisonous, so he could not just pick them up and eat them, some other ways had to be found. Eventually, he found a small lake near the area in which he was, somewhat in the valley bellow the mountain. In it he found supplies of water and lots of fish swimming in it. So, now that he solve all of the main problems, training could start.

    With his training in progress, the young boy started to grow up. reaching the age of 9. During the time which he spent there, Psycho rebuilt the house of his grandfather and grandmother, fixing everything out side and in side. This included the roof top, which was broken on some places, so rain drops were falling in. After fixing that, he used one of the swords which he found to cut some woods around the hose, making a bad in which he could sleep instead of sleeping on the floor. With that done, he was able to move into the house, staying only in the living room, the only place which could be locked from the inside. The house was quite large, it had two floors, together with a basement. The living room was connected with the door which led outside and with the rest of the house. There were 4 doors leading into it, all of them could be locked, so Psycho used to do that, just in case a wild animal approached the house. Other than fixing up the house for living in there, Psycho used to practice with the swords three hours per day, gaining some impressive skills in that area. Not only that, he found a couple of letters which his grandfather left behind. Among them, he found an odd looking book. When he checked who was the author, Psycho found out that it was his grandfather who wrote that book. In it, his grandfathers whole story was written, all about how he became a knight and how his life was difficult. After reading that book, a tear fell out of his eye, the story was quite sad and it reminded Psycho of his parents. So, eventually, the little boy decided to become a knight as well.

    But, at that point he woke up, with unfinished memories. Frightened and mad, he killed the ones who were working on his experiment fleeing into the human world. There, he lived by killing others and living as a immortal, slowly practicing with his powers, till perfection.

    Role-play Sample:
    Early that evening, the young boy Psycho spent enjoying his free time, which he got after doing something for the Mizukage. This was the first time after a long time that he actually enjoyed doing something in this Land of Water, since the last time when he had a laugh was before he came to this village. From that moment, a year has passed. Yes, a whole year passed since the young Psycho saw the tall mountain peeks of his homeland, Land of Lightning. Before coming to this village, he never heard of the expression "ninja", so it was all still new to him. Even though he spent so much time becoming a ninja, Psycho still had problems with some of the details from his shinobi life. Anyways, the main problem which he now had was, finding an sensei and a squad to join. Well, this young man was actually a type of person who liked to enjoy talking to people about some every day stuff and events. He was good at every type of art and science, hopping that he well become a famous doctor one day. The only thing at which Psycho was not good at was fighting in a shinobi battles and using Ninja Techniques. Sure, he knew a lot of jutsus, and he read a lot of books about Shinobi Tactics. But, books were one, real life fighting was different. Due to being the worst possible person for fighting against other ninja his age, the young Psycho was always picked on.

    Due to events like that, Psycho thought that he will never be able to join a shinobi squad and meet new friends and allies. That is the reason why the message which he got surprised him. Out of a sudden, while he was observing some insects, a post ninja came to the doors of his house, gently knocking three times. When the young boy heard those knocks, he quickly turned around, rising up from his comfortable bed. Within a couple of quick steps, he reached the door, opening it quickly. With an calm and bored expression on his face, he took the letter from the post ninja, giving him his signature and a tip for his services. After the post ninja left, the young Psycho closed the door of his nice little house, locking them from the inside. Due to the fact that it was an Monday, he knew that his parents were off on a vacation, so he was free to do what ever he wanted. That included going to a strange graveyard in order to meet up with three more people. Most people would get scared and say "HELL NO". But, unlike most people, Psycho decided to actually go there. Well, before actually going, he still needed to pack up his gear just in case something happens. By gear, Psycho was thinking of his shinobi gear and his medical items. Out of a sudden, the letter hit the ground, as the young shinobi started climbing the stairs to his room.

    A few hours later, it was almost time to go, only one thing was missing. According to the letter which he got, there was supposed to be a signal in the sky, which will set the time limit of reaching the location of the meeting. At the exact time, Psycho calmly looked trough the window, searching the sky with his gentle eyes. Out of a sudden, the signal appeared in the sky, making the young man pull the window towards himself, quickly opening it. After that, he leaned forwards, pushing himself out, and performing a jump while he was getting out. With a gentle landing, Psycho appeared standing on a roof top on the other side of the streets. Looking up one more time, he tried to imagine what was waiting him. But, he simply could not do so, eventually deciding to just go there and find out. After forming a single tiger hand seal for gathering chakra to his feet, Psycho decided to use a Body Flicker Technique, just so he does not arrive late. Within a sudden gust of wind, used to mask his movement, Psycho vanished out of sight. Using this body flicker, he appeared on the end of the street at which he was, using a C-Ranked amount of chakra to do so. After, that he followed with a couple more short ranged Flickers, reaching the opening at which the graveyard was. Now that he was there, in the middle of the night, the young man placed his right hand into the ninja pouch, too afraid to even make a single step forwards.

    The night was scary and dark, with creepy animals walking and flying all around the place. It truly was the most frightening site which this man saw. Even so, he still decided to walk towards the strange figure which was standing a couple of meters in front of him. The man who stud there was quite strange looking, Psycho could not even see his face. So, he decided to test was this person a human actually. After forming a couple of hand seal, he inhaled a decent amount of air to his lungs, while at the same time he gathered a decent amount of water chakra to his mouth. Then, when the amount of chakra was good enough , the young man released it all out, using the air which he gathered to push it out. Out of a sudden, a stream of water came out of the mouth of the young Psycho, going directly towards the strange looking man a few meters in front of it. While the water was coming out, the man calmly spoke, saying: "Water Style: Violent Water Wave." That was the name of the jutsu which he used, which was about to hit ether a friend or a foe. Ether way, the strange looking man would only get a little soaked with water, nothing serious. Psycho was not used at using Ninjutsus in combat, so this would not end up be a damaging attack.
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    Father Anderson


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    PostSubject: Re: Bounto Psychopat - Finito   Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:43 pm

    One crazy bastard, DONE.
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    PostSubject: Re: Bounto Psychopat - Finito   

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    Bounto Psychopat - Finito
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